28 thoughts on “Shoulder Spirals

  1. Ha! I live right up the street from Deep Roots. Rad. Love to see a final photo.

  2. i love that he looks so calm and at peace with the whole situation, and yess a finished shot would be awsome!
    happy healing

  3. modblog = full of naked people. can i request a full front page dedicated to family-safe photos?

  4. I have that spiral in my ear right now! Hah… I love the cheeky smile. He’s far too un-phased by that.

  5. This is a wonderful shot. He looks so calm. If that was me I would probably be screaming my head off. Haha. :]

  6. I do NOT want this page toned down for families.

    What I would like, is more descriptions that say whether or not a scarification piece included tissue removal. I’m intrigued by how wide lines can get without tissue removal, and it’s not always 100% clear whether anything was removed.

  7. OH that is great. 😀

    Also, Liz? I don’t get it :/ no nakedness here…?

  8. I also have to comment on the serenety in his face. It’s lovely. Hope it goes half as well for me when I’m ready ^^

  9. I also would love to see the finished product! I bet it’ll look very nice.

  10. CutThroat: No tissue was removed. The lines are now, six months later, about one centimeter at the thickest.
    And as far as being naked goes… I’m wearing pants in this photo….

  11. Really, we already have big brother regulating what we can see on our TVs and now MODBLOG readers are requesting “family safe” photos? Give me a break. Go read some other blog. I am so sick of this.

  12. I think she might be refering to the ass on the front page? I don’t know either way BME does not need to be “family safe”. I want to see a finished photo! I had a similar idea for a tattoo…

  13. Liz, Modblog *is* “safe” for families – the very big and somewhat disconnected family of people across the world who like playing with their bodies and admiring others who do the same!

  14. I love the irony of scarification, suspension and cutting being “family safe” but nudity no fucking way…

  15. by the way…the sexy-shoulder-dance alone makes that video^^ worth watching ^_^

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