17 thoughts on “Fancy a Cuppa?

  1. I’ve always wanted a tea related tattoo, not something I’d have…it’s a bit small and simply done…but, gets the message across…on that note, I think I hear the kettle! ;)

  2. I really like that. Once again I see that a simple tattoo can be so effective. I’d love to know the story behind this.

  3. lol anybody notice that besides for when showing it off,the only other time it would be noticed would be in rather intimate moments of passion….fancy some “milk” with that?

  4. it’s not overly impressive, is it? I don’t see how it ‘made modblog’.

  5. I like it. As far as it being impressive, not every modblog entry has to impress and be “heavier modification than the last”.

    Good job Roo in mixin it up lately, from heavier bloodplay and skewering, to pictures of kids with style, to small but cool tattoos.

  6. I always thought that ModBlog was about body modification in any way, and that tattoos were forms of body modification however little, but maybe she’s mistaken.

    I think it’s a lovely tattoo, very cute. And I’m going to put the kettle on now.

  7. That’s my first tattoo, and it put me off tattoos for over a decade. Here’s the story (pasted from my iam page):

    “I got my first tattoo at 17 in a random street shop in Montreal while visiting a friend. It was small, a little iconic glyph of a coffee cup, but for some reason — perhaps the placement over my appendix — my body got very upset: I got the sweats, I got dizzy, I got nauseous, I couldn’t feel my hands, and finally I couldn’t see. All this in the span of five minutes. The poor tattooist finished as quickly as he could, and I ran to the bathroom to puke and void my bowels more or less simultaneously.”

  8. I wasn’t belittling this piece or it’s validity on modblog, it’s sweet and to the point…Appologies to IAM:universaldonor if my comment was misinterpreted. Tea and cake for all…or coffee if you prefer! ;)

  9. Tea and cake or death!

    Ahem. It’s far too warm here to put the kettle on, so I’ll just dream of a tea-related half-sleeve. Ah, one day…

  10. very cute. but it doesnt sound like you had a very good experience which is lame.

    Telyn- i have a tea related half sleeve. Old ladies like it. Which is rare for a tattoo and I love it.

  11. Simple but very good.
    Shame about the reaction, possibly lack of sugar or spoon in the saucer.

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