15 thoughts on “White Knuckle Ride

  1. I love “normal” looking girls with heavy mods. The dichotomy of which is harder to comprehend than some of the “harder” mods seen here on the blog. Beautiful girl. Beautiful mods. I want a ride.

  2. And I suppose Roo, you had to oblige – seeing as it was his birthday. Nothing to do with the fact she’s smokin hot! 😉

  3. What are her implants of? Paw prints maybe? I see smaller circles and a bigger one underneath, I think.

  4. Somehow the combination of huge tongue stud and huge septum CBB (the pic on the right) doesn’t look nice to me.

    Everybody’s going to get on my case for stereotyping gender dichotomies or whatever, but I tend to think of nostril piercings being feminine and septum piercings as being masculine. Probably because bulls have noserings and I grew up seeing Indian girls with nostril studs.

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