Sharp Ears

You can only see one of them in this photo, but you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that both of Rose‘s ears (by Howie, have turned out beautifully!

I really like how the shape of the plug accentuates the pointiness, too.

31 thoughts on “Sharp Ears

  1. to be elf or spock, that is the question, or acceptably to look bloody awsome is a good one as well.even her nose accentuates the pointiness…cool like

  2. I keep wondering…is the top point of the earring going to put too much stress on that part of the ear with its semi-sharp angle?

    Amazing ear pointing though. I absolutely love it.

  3. LOL you cant even see the scarring in that pic! nice photoshopping. GO THE FURRYS

  4. i wanted a pair of the butterfly wing plugs pretty badly when i saw them on baf. i’m jealous.

  5. At first I didn’t enven notice the pointing because I focused right away on her totally awesome plugs. The points do look great though!

  6. I love those plugs, so much so i want to start stretching again just so i can have some. They look amazing on her! I didn’t notice the pointing either at first because of the plugs! Great job!

  7. Oh man I’m thinking about going to Howie for that procedure. Looks great. I’m going to give it more thought, though.

  8. Typically, I’m not a huge fan of ear shaping/pointing, but these look awesome! Good job. They look beautiful

  9. The more I see ear pointing, the more I want to have it done. I seriously need to find someone who does this in Alberta. Any ideas, people? Those plugs are fantastic!

  10. To clairify (since in retrospect my last bit could be misinterperted), I think these look awesome. Unlike a lot of others, I’m not a terrible fan of the plugs; that might be mosty because they look terribly uncomfortable, but then again huge plugs just don’t do it for me personally. They still look good, and certainly draw even more gazes to the ears.

  11. Yay! It’s me! And thankyou to all the awesome comments, the plugs are INSANELY light weight and super comfy, and they’re actually quite rounded on the wearable area. I wouldn’t wear them long enough for them to cause problems even if they were ‘sharper’ though anyways.

    And to the person who claimed ‘photoshop’, there’s none there. The other ear has more visible scarring, but that ear looks just like it does in the photo.

  12. those plugs came from I believe. Or at least they carry them.

  13. These have got to be the best looking pointed ears I have ever seen, on Modblog or anywhere else. Love those plugs,too!!

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