Atlas Fondled

Due to the draining of celestial resources by The Greys, Atlas (not on IAM yet) has had some time on his hands to tackle some less taxing and more pleasurable lifting, mostly major boobage..

It’s all in a days work!” – Atlas.

By Mick Palmesano, Ma-Zel Custom, Everett, MA.

50 thoughts on “Atlas Fondled

  1. Clever. I kind of wanted to do Atlas on my neck holding my head up when I was studying Greek mythology in school, then I decided I wasn’t that into mythology nor am I Greek.
    The Atlas bra is great though!

  2. Actually Atlas supports the Celestial Sphere, not the Earth. I love this tattoo, I think the proportion and placement are great.

  3. naoki, ill volunteer.

    ANd I agree.

    BEST TATTOO EVER. THe only thing that could make it more amazing would be if I did it myself.

  4. awesome it be really funny on a guy with big balls if someone were to imitate this

  5. That’s so awesome :P
    Wonder what it looks like with the boob lifted though… ahaha

  6. Isn’t it amazing how cute, HAPPY tats/pictures/subject matter gets the largest reader feedback in weeks.

    more of this please. :-)

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  8. She needs to be prepared for old age by getting a tattoo of Atlas over the other one with his hand shading his eyes and looking down saying, “I dropped one.”LOL

  9. haha, thanks guys! if you haven’t realized why i said thanks, this atlas is my atlas. I waited two years to get this tattoo, and I LOVE IT!!! The artist who drew it and the artist who actually tattooed it were great and really got was I was looking for. plus, everytime someone sees my tit, they need to look for a few minutes, admire, then laugh, then cry from laughing, and then say WTF thats so cool. so yea. whenever public nudity becomes legal, you’ll notice me ;D. ioh oh, and xjser, I really love that idea :D; I was thinking about getting da’vincis anatomical man under the other, but your idea is much better…in time, I will definitely credit it to you if I do end up w it, though. again guys, thanks soooo much and it makes my day, the 3 hours, and the 300 bucks so worth to see you guys like it!

  10. Some people haven’t got a single brain in their entire heads.
    But they vote anyway.

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