27 thoughts on “Cowgirl!

  1. I can’t believe myself but I actually like this … especially the cute little hooves and the bull giving her the eye.

  2. I like that it’s got the chinese character for ‘cow’ under. 🙂

  3. I keep coming back to look at this pic. Love the hooves and the cowhide patch design on the bikini.

  4. Haha awesome idea.

    Bit unrelated but has anyone else noticed that the free galleries on bmeink.com have been removed and now that address redirects bmezine.com?

  5. MickeyFinns/devo – That’s the way it was for years, BMEink has been integrated back into BMEzine to streamline things, but you can still view 75 images per subsection for free, like always.

  6. 3:rose: It was only a matter of time before furries turned up, fresh on the tail of lolcats. Although of all the places they should be, BME seems the place you’d find them.

  7. Bonnie –
    Got Milk?
    that’s what I’m talking about!!! … but no-o-o! “it says MILK on the jug next to her, it’ll be too much milk in one place!” …

  8. hmm…how bout “where’s the beef?” or perhaps “Beef–It’s whats for diner!” altho that one maybe too long… yeah i dont particularly care for it either, the idea is hilarious…BUT to me the artistry is a little lacking… its not bad, but i like things to be a little more realistic… but if it makes them happy thats all that matters!

  9. RooRaaah Crumbs-
    I dont particularly care whether it’s been done that way for years or not. I think its complete bullshit am entitled to my opinion 🙂

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