BMEzine’s So Fine!

Chase sent in some photos of an awesome cutting he did, on himself!

BMEzine (Roo: Like I have link it, really) has been such a big part of my life over the last couple of years. I decided I’d show just how big a part by doing a flesh removal piece on myself. Thank you BME for changing my life, for the better!

Clickthrough for a shot of the finished (but not healed) piece.

Done at Third Eye Tattoos, West Virginia.

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27 thoughts on “BMEzine’s So Fine!

  1. Wow, such persicion and dedication.

    Well done.

    Certiantly a display more self control than I’ve seen in a while.

  2. #4 I agree! Fingers crossed he takes a healed photo in a while and we get a follow up! Though with the amount of dedication to do that in the first place I can’t imagine he’d only go half the way and not try to get it to heal really vividly. Great piece of work! xox

  3. i think so many of us can relate to this piece i have totally had a life changing decision made thanks to information made available thanks to bme and its offspring sites, i’d like to thank shannon and all the other site staff for the positive direction they’ve nudged me in

  4. While BME hasn’t changed my life, it sure has made it less boring. So I can relate and that’s a very nice piece.

  5. Wow. That is simply amazing for a self cut… I can’t wait to see the healed results!

  6. Wow, this is it. But tell me, if you cut yourself or someone else is it normal to use anaesthetic? I don’t know much about cuttings, but the more i see it, the more i get interested

  7. i was deffinatly there, and had a hard time just watching! but it was deffinatly amazing. very educating since i want scars of my own. later that night he even had me watch him pour salt on it, it was pretty painful to watch as well. thanks chase, it looks amazing and your blood is still on my pants =P

  8. I’m very excited to see good work come out of West Virginia.

    Unfortunately, I have been to too many parlors that were just…not quite up to par. Because body modification is a relatively questionable subject to many in our state, it’s a little more difficult to find experienced, safe practitioners.

    Great work!

    Also, I had a look at Third Eye’s website… my dad is considering his next tattoo, but has difficulty finding parlors he likes. He works in that area, so it’s really convenient.

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