84 thoughts on “Click for Dick!

  1. Yup… that’s a cock.

    Catchy title though.

    I think deep down inside, I just might be a lesbian, dicks just don’t do it for me, asthetically speaking.

    Interesting lighting and love the hip tats.

  2. Wow. I’m actually somewhat embarrassed. That is a gigantic cock. I am humiliated.

  3. OMG, if I promise to be really REALLY good this year can I pretty please have him for Xmas? Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Holy jesus!

    And as for the titillation factor, I actually prefer the first photo. Slightly more left to the imagination. *Slightly*

  5. outmywindow – Well, it’s hanging right to the imagination in the photo, but I’ll give you that. It’s left to the imagination if you’re him.

  6. AHHHHH!!!!! I clenched when I saw that beast of a penis! My cervix is having sympathy pains for any woman he’s ever made love to. I like my moderately sized penises. ones that big just hurt.

  7. yeah… I’d definitely be afraid of that.

    Roo – pretty sure your caption made my life!! I don’t know why I didn’t believe you… but I clicked and was extrememly (and somewhat pleasantly) surprised!

  8. I have a pretty big dick and yet whenever they show a normalish cock on Modblog I feel like I’m packing a peanut.

    Fuck you modblog


    Dylan’s Self Image.

  9. out of sheer curiosity, you should post the other one. hes obviously not american haha

  10. What you can’t see in the picture is the string tied to the tip of his dick with a weight on the end.

    At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

  11. cat – There were a few other photos in the set and I’m sorry to say, he is.

    RooRaaah Crumbs on July 3rd, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    i want to see those!

  12. He’s huge and he’s whole, holy fuck! There’s nothing like that to make a normal guy feel inadequate. Oh well I’ll work on my technique.

  13. I’d love to see him and Jack Napier have a sword fight with those things!

  14. “first penis i’ve seen on BME that wasn’t 5cm.”

    Lulz :p (which actually is a bad case of pun since ‘lul’ equals cock in Dutch, but anyway…)

    Oh my… that’s… huge.

  15. Lol at “he is actually an albino black man.
    Patrick on July 3rd, 2008 at 9:06 pm” That reminds me of the time I got asked if I was “one of those albino africans” because of my stretched lobe.

  16. Roo, what’s a “Grower”? :/ Anyway, he’s one hot naked man.

  17. #47, its a penis that gets bigger when erect. Some go hard but stay the same size, others get hard and increase in size.

  18. WOW i feel good about this cos the first pic mine is only maybe and inch smalled and im 17

    and it looks like a small mancannon

  19. oh please, why did you all just say that his cock is nice? that’s so secondary because he’s such a beautiful man en bloc ;)

  20. anyone’s wiener can look like that if you got the $100.00 usd to by a cock pump at the local porn depot

  21. My new desktop background

    Is there anywhere I can order High Res prints or posters? x]

  22. Aesthetically, he looks very nice :P

    In terms of just about every girl I have ever spoken to…..physically he would be TOO gifted :P

  23. Haha, oh dear Roo, you’ve made a few of the boys jealous. For one – The ‘cock pump’ comment was just daft and two, I’m sure many girls wouldn’t find him ‘too gifted’!

  24. As a guy who enjoys his males…I must say, I find his equipment slightly grotesque. Sometimes bigger is not always better.

  25. That makes a great 4t of July pocket rocket!
    Thanks for the beautiful pic of a handsome and gifted man.

  26. haha, Hanargh, no doubt you are right about many girls! :P
    I just mean that girls I have spoken to generally dont want to go near anything over around 8 inches ;)
    It is an impressive tool, definately. But its scary haha :P

  27. impressive. the shadow’s strong like to see it better lit. roo your putting the right stuff on here the call for cock was answered two fold. I like showing off mine maybe I’ll send you some pics but after I add more piercings only have two

    #52 if you can back it up you shound def send pics in or just to me haha

  28. I’m def. with a few of the other folks on here – this is DAMN fine to look at but honestly, once a winky gets past a certain size, it just plain hurts to have it inserted (the woman, not him I’m sure) regardless of how much lube is used. Think a really intense piercing stretch, only WAY bigger and in a much more sensitive area.

    But like I said, it sure does look nice!

  29. Fuck that “Too gifted” crap, make that shit hurt!

    Well besides the heat he’s packing, he’s really very good looking. I love his side profile :D

  30. OK so I must confess that I wasn’t even in the mood to see a cock at this time, but I just couldn’t resist the invitation to “click for dick” … needless to say, I am glad I did. Now my heretofore unnoticed desire to see a cock has been more than satisfied. Yay!

  31. Some girls may not like a big dick, but I think some of them are lying to you. A lot. I happen love a big dick and I’m a girl. Viva la difference and all you gals who don’t enjoy big dicks-you can send ‘em my way.

  32. Am i looking at a dude or a donkey?? =( he is 1cm ahead of me… he is!! i swear!!!….i wish….

  33. I’m tiny so, that pretty much makes me do this.. O___O Really nice photos. though! :) And his stomach tattoos are beautiful. (Had a lot on his profile.. it’s a bit hard to see them here.)

    My hubby asks; Are those weights for his penis to lift? ;)

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