Borat Gratification..

Haha, I love this tattoo of Borat spreading his message of peace and lurve. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new John Lennon..

By Elson Yeo, thINK Tattoos, Singapore.

37 thoughts on “Borat Gratification..

  1. I remember when Sacha Baron-Cohen was funny.

    No wait… He was never funny.

  2. I’ve never really dug Borat and it doesn’t help that my boss’s internal monologue runs in Borat’s voice and often times he feels the need to make it external but all that aside I can not deny that this is a very well done tattoo.

  3. Sadly, I see my husband getting this portrait.

    Surprised that this is the first time I’m seeing a Borat tattoo. I would have expected to see many already by hipsters worldwide.

  4. great big oodles and spoodles of chariots of fiery fun doing this.

    this is a healed pic on my client’s thigh.

    am trying to persuade her into a Vicky Pollard portrait next. LOL!

  5. A Vicky Pollard portrait tattoo of the same quality is this piece would be brilliant!

  6. sweet tat…the only thing is when Borat is forgoten by time and their children or nieces and nephews look at it and scratch their heads and say “I dont get it…” lol

    really nice job, i likey alot ;0)

  7. Borat should not be compared to John Lennon. :(

    It is a nice piece though.

  8. A Vicky Pollard portrait tattoo of the same quality is this piece would be brilliant!

    Maika on July 3rd, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    ah that would be amazing

  9. LOL just so you guys would know, we did this piece as part of her entire leg sleeve in the works.

    the sleeve is based loosely on a Malice-in-Wonderland-Lost-in-a-Bad-Trip (or like she puts it “Wonderland in Alice”) kinda vibe…

    poor ol’ borat here will eventually be coerced into a transformation… into a deranged and bloodied mad hatter.

  10. i love how people can totally get behind someone getting tribal all over their face because its “totally extreme” or some stick figure pirates or dinosaurs but something like this, a well done tattoo with questionable content to their comedic palate, makes them agree with bigoted people like Paul Carpenter.
    (holy run-on sentence batman)

    its a great tattoo and funny, great job elixir. i mean Grrrreat Success!


  11. Sedusa; it may be the best tattoo ever, with the worst content. :)

    But, I like it on both counts.
    Great job, Elixir. And shame on the person that called this mutilation – why are you even in Modblog?

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