Don’t Touch My Dusty Cupboard!

This is another one of those tattoos where I feel like I’m missing something, and it’s actually a very well known comic strip or something. All I know is Yvette Green (Intrinsic Artautoplayer) says “It’s the craziest tattoo I’ve ever been asked to do on someone.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Touch My Dusty Cupboard!

  1. Well I thought I had seemn most internet cartoons, I would appreciate anybody telling me where this comes from. Hehehe looks pretty awsome though. I like the cat in the background

  2. I’ve never seen it, but will suggest it might be some doodle that the wearer or someone close to him did on a scrap of paper after some really long involved incident or great in-joke time, and so just meaningful to them.

    Definitely would be interesting to hear that story, though!

  3. that broken heart man.. looks like one of those microsoft’s clipart stick mans..

  4. i love it. it reminds me of comics my friends and i draw of each other.

  5. looks liek all of us are lost as to what the comic is. i think roo should write the story though :D

  6. I’ve debated for some time getting part of the webcomic XKCD as a tattoo. It would be terribly fitting for me, and allong the same lines as this.

  7. Is anybody else reminded of Kingdom of Loathing when they see stick figurey stuff like this? I think it’s awesome :D

  8. Totally no. 12, I’m a big KOL fan too. What’s interesting is the virtual tattoos on KOL, and how some of the pioneers who got real world KOL tattoos of stick figures were awarded custom virtual KOL tattoos…

  9. My friend just posted this, its his tattoo, he said there is no story….and it’s not a comic

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