24 thoughts on “Beds Give You Red-Eye

  1. J – Bugger, you just reminded me what I was going to call this post – “28 Beds Later”. Stupid forgetful brain.

    Telyn – It’s 21.25 here. No sympathy for you!

  2. Andy rocks, will someone just give her a nice well paid make-up artist job in the Vancouver area please?

    She’s worked so hard and really deserves a good break :)

  3. Well its 4:29am here. I’m still extremely drunk from the fourth celebrations. She is extremely hot and those contacts are way fuckin rad.

  4. GOD Andy has been a huge girlcrush of mine pretty much since my first few days on IAM

  5. I’d love to have some contacts like those for Halloween. Nice!! Otherwise, I agree with Sade–whew!!

  6. The scariest part of the second pic is the green cardigan. The eyes aren’t anywhere near as scary.

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