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  1. rock on man.. i’m not saying i agree with it but it’s his face and if that’s what he loves and thats how he loves it i’m all for it

  2. Very nice.

    “We don’t sit down and watch people die. America steps in there to help.”

    He he, had to chuckle….

  3. I definately wouldve figured that in the last 2 hours more people who hate America wouldve commented by now.

    Spot on to this guy. Way to praise the GREATEST nation ever known to this planet.

  4. I’m not a fan of patriotic tattoos. Whenever I see Australians with Southern Crosses or Kangaroos tattooed on themselves I can pretty much guarantee they are bad news.

  5. Perhaps the fact that he immigrated to the U S A from Tonga has something to do with the lack of ignorant comments. If this tattoo was on a big white dude from Alabama whose drinking a budweiser in front of a pickup truck and holding an m 16 there might be some very different comments round here.

  6. haha I used to drive by that house everyday when going to Everett Community College and never knew this. what a little and amazing world.

  7. haha i love southern cross tattoos kookyknut! and quite a few ppl i know have them. they’re definitely not bad news. in fact they’re quite nice people.

    america the beautiful, literelly! i think it looks great!!!

  8. Crikey. Wow. Good on the chap for having the balls to do what he wants with his face; you can’t argue with love. I have to say, though, that all the patriotism flying about in here is making me a little uncomfortable. I don’t want to start a flame war, though – don’t yell at me.

    It has set me thinking – about the things you can love enough to have tattooed on you, the differences between them. Brain fodder: yay!

  9. I guess if you live anywhere long enough you begin to believe the bullshit they feed you, but still I have to give him props, its nice to see that people are willing to believe in something so deeply whether you agree with it or not.

  10. It’s good to see someone that loves their country. I don’t agree with a lot of the things that our government does, and I think a lot of the people here are religious wackjobs, but I still love my country. I don’t understand why so many Americans hate it here. If it’s that horrible, why are they still Americans? *shrug*

    But back on topic… I think it looks great, and it’s fantastic that he’s showing his devotion to America in such a personal and life-changing way.

  11. “Who cares? America is the best country in the world! America is like a police officer, stepping in to make others shake hands.
    yup thats true stiking there noses where it doesnt belong and violate our civil/human rights

  12. @0: E-rich: I think it’s more likely that he lived somewhere else long enough to know how lucky he is.

  13. “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when they deserve it.” — Mark Twain

  14. i live in Canada, and many of the people here define their patriotism with shitty beer commercials or the few differences we have with our brothers to the south. i do disagree largely with some of the actions their government takes, but i’m also not a big fan of some of the things our government has done in the past.
    Americans get way too much hate on the global stage.

  15. My only question is… how would you feel if other people from other countries started tattooing chauvinistic tattoos on their face? What if Iranis started doing that, and showing it off to the world?

    Although many would say that they would feel the same, I question that. For some reason, seeing a patriotic American just isn’t something we question anymore, it is as common as sliced bread – and clearly just as dull.

    I don’t really care that he immigrated from Tonga or not, that is a stupid thing to get tattooed on your face. All the families of people that have killed or have been killed under the American flag would happily punch this guys lights out. America has far too many atrocities under its belt for things like this.

    People should consider tattoos with deeper political implications much much more.

  16. Tom, people get flags tattooed on their bodies all the time.

    you also have to understand that not everything associated with a nation (or it’s flag) is necessarily political. i don’t assume to know his politics, but he just seems complacent in living there. he definitely doesn’t have a tattoo on his forehead reading, “more blood for oil” or an eagle ripping the head off some Afghani civilian.

    either way, you can argue whatever you want.
    i’m sure his intentions are clear to him and he is aware of the reactions that his tattoo earns.

  17. ps. i was reading the fark comments and this gave me a chuckle.

    “This guys a Commie!

    Real patriots get their entire body covered with a tattoo of Captain America’s uniform.”

  18. Whilst I don’t necassarily agree the pro-American sentiment here, what I do agree with is a man who has worked hard to better his life, showing some appreciation.

    Rather this than seeing some kid who chose to get his face tattooed whinging that he can’t get a job…

  19. Wouldn’t it have been easier to get CUNT tattooed on his face? Cheaper too.

  20. It’s too bad that as the US continually strips its citizens of their basic rights and freedoms that this tattoo will eventually be nothing but a memory of what once was the “land of the free”.

  21. Haha I love all the UnAmerican comments! Warms my heart 🙂 God Bless America: the sickest nation on Earth.

  22. what a moron, i have nothing against good face tattoos but this guy (like the english football fan) just looks like a clown.

  23. Didn’t BME have to move from US servers specifically because it tried to ban the content being shown?

    From Shannon 2005 “As of June 24, 2005, publishing BME was made illegal in the United States, with my wife Rachel and I each facing life in prison due to our involvement in the site. In no way am I exaggerating the risk we were at. Our lawyer, who specializes in free speech issues, advised us that there was a good chance of prosecution, beating the charges would be far from guaranteed, and that if we had any sense we leave America immediately and tell others to do the same. ”

    Claiming the US is “land of the free” or a champion of free speech is not only wrong but completely backward.

  24. #39, under what law was it made illegal? Does anyone know? I live in England and an “obscene publications” act just got passed outlawing violent pornography. It’s taking all the fun out of my life.

  25. I think if it’s what makes him happy, then great. It’s not the best design for facial tattooing in my opinion.. in no real way does this enhance what he has.. But again, that’s my opinion.

    I do find it interesting, however, that his very obvious love for the country would probably make it difficult for him to find work.

    But hey, he looks like a cheerful chap, good for him.

  26. Ward. I can agree with that, I should have been more specific, I was referring more to the “We don’t sit down and watch people die, America steps in there to help” statement.

  27. >>“We don’t sit down and watch people die, America steps in there to help”

    By murdering over a million Iraqis? Well done.

    *slow clap for the retards*

    *turns cap backwards and drags knuckles*


  28. You don’t have to agree with the government to love your country. Nor some of its laws.
    Not every single American, or American politian agrees with the war.

    Not all of us are beer guzzling, oil loving, Iraqi hating douche bags. Don’t assume stupid shit.

    I love my country. I love that I can choose my leader. I love that I could maybe one day be the leader, or at least run for it(not that I ever plan to). I love that I do have some freedom of speech, more than most countries. I love that I have the right to protest.

    Sure America has a lot of faults, but tell me one country that doesn’t.

    Don’t judge the whole country based on the actions of a few.

  29. And this is why america should go back to an isolationist stance. Really the rest of the world holds nothing for us and can only drag us down to their level.

  30. >>>Really the rest of the world holds nothing for us and can only drag us down to their level.

    *snigger* yeah, wot he said…. BWA HA HA

  31. I’m so getting a very pro-American fuck everyone else tattoo. Maybe a bald eagle shitting on the globe. Or Uncle Sam punching some poor innocent terrorist harboring citizen in the throat.

  32. “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” Edward Abbey

  33. I like the way it looks around his eyes especially the blue… not a big fan of the tattoo as a whole but its cool if thats what makes him happy,… to me thats what tattoos are about… its an expression of the love you have for something or what you hold sacred.Of course many tattoos are only for adornment but I can tell this holds alot of meaning for this guy & thats awesome!

  34. I think it’s great that he’s an immigrant with that much pride in his new home.

    And also, I would love to know what the other 20 flags on his body are and the significance of all of those.

  35. First off let me say that I don’t hate America, but I think you have a really ubiased idea of your own country. I can choose my president and run for president as well, I have freedom of speech, probably more than Americans. If I had been born on the wrong body (meaning male instead of female or vice versa) my government would pay for my theraphy and surgery, just like someone in my family has just had a heart transplant, completely free of charge, and the meds she will have to take the rest of her life will be free of charge. Right now I’m unemployed but I’m still getting paid a nifty sum every month – I don’t mean welfare- , and I get government help to pay my rent (about $300 a month) because I’m young. I’m free to marry someone of my same sex and adopt kids If I want. If I get pregnant I’m free to go and have an abortion, and we’ll probably be legalizing euthanasia as well, so suffering people will be free to die with dignity.

    All in all, I think I’m more free than a US citizen. I don’t think I live in the best country on the world: I believe precisely because I’m critic with my country, I’m helping it improve. Do you really think you help your country by being so complacent?

  36. I think countries are like people. They’re all different and have different values and beliefs, and all have their positive qualities and negative qualities. I refuse to believe that any one country is better than all the other countries. It might be better at some things than others, but there are lots of qualities when it comes to a country – it’s not just about the people who live in it, the economy and the government, but also the natural resources, the ground that the country claims. There is a culture there that you won’t find more strongly than in that place. There’s traditions and arts that you won’t find anywhere else, and that’s the beauty of having so many different nations on this planet.

    I’m not patriotic by any means, I find it conceited to say that the piece of dirt I’m born on/have adopted as my own is better than anyone else’s. I have no problem with people loving the place they live in, but when it comes to “Ours is much better than yours so there, and if you don’t like it, we’ll kill your civilians because you’re worthless anyway” I get just a little pissed off.

  37. Free here, more free there blah. I’m supposed to come from a “free” country who’s supposed to hate the USA, France, I live in the states and I love the USA with all my heart. It’s given me opportunities that I did not have before.
    To go back to patriotic tattoos, I see nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn’t spit on other countries. Well what I see is a man who loves the USA and has it tattooed on his face, if it offends anyone, really, that’s too bad ain’t it ?

  38. Patriotism doesn’t always mean, “Love it or leave it”, or “America, right or wrong!” Patriotism doesn’t necessarily mean accepting all of your country’s flaws and failures. (Although the neo-conservative movement in the US has so thoroughly coopted the concept of patriotism that the very idea of it has become widely distrusted by liberal US citizens.)

    For me, patriotism means that I do what I am capable of to affect change, to help my country be what I believe it can and should be, not a mindless acceptance of what is. I can’t say what his political leanings are aside from his apparently patriotic expression (unless it is meant as an ironic commentary, which appears not to be the case), but he at least believes in freedom if the press, as extended to freedom of personal expression. I would hope that all US citizens that read this blog can at least agree on that point, even if we have little else in common.

    PS: Chrome: I assume you are Canadian? If Canada was where, say, Mexico is, and didn’t have the restrictive gun laws, I’d move there in a second and apply for citizenship. …Even though I do believe that with hard work and a lot of political will, the US can be changed.

  39. Well, your medical care isn’t exactly free…if I remember right there’s taxes for that. And well, honestly I wouldn’t want euthanasia to be legal. My friends step-dad’s best friend owns a guitar shop. He got robbed one day and put into a coma when the robber hit him in the back of the head with a bass guitar. They pretty much gave up on him, pulled the plug, and he miraculously still lived. And is completely fine today. I have known many other people who have had terrible medical issues, “chronic” diseases, cancer, etc…who might have even wanted to die at some point that are perfectly healthy today. It’s pretty much suicide, which should never be legal.

    Anyways…I think some of you are missing something when it comes to this guys tattoos. I don’t know how old he was when he moved here, and how much of the culture from his country of origin he was exposed to, but if he was in an area where it was more of a tribal culture, getting your face tattooed doesn’t seem as “taboo” as it does in other cultures, and he is just trying to show his love for the opportunities he has been given in this Country, and probably doesn’t really have any political reasoning for getting it…Kind of like a Hawaiians traditional facial tattoo, although it doesn’t spell Hawaii on their forehead it has somewhat the same meaning…pride.

    I agree with the Mark Twain quote.

    I love my country, most of the people in it, and for the most part hate my govt. Unless somehow miraculously Ron Paul got elected as the next president I will continue to hate my government…and love my country.



  40. I wish we would start the world war that people THINK we did. I wanna carpet the rest of the world with Bombs and blood.

  41. Chrome, nowhere did I, or most of the people defending this man’s tattoo, say we were complacent. We just we love our country. I believe I even said in mine that I love the fact that I have the right to protest. As far as I’m aware protesting and being complacent do not go hand in hand.

  42. There is a phrase that is often said when people are discussing the price of tattoos, and other body mods, “you get what you pay for.” I kinda feel the same about health care. Doctors who are more expense are more than likely better, and more experienced. Doctors who are cheap as hell, just like tattoo artists, tend to be hacks.

    Maybe I’m mistaken, as I’m not really aware of how Canada does their healthcare, but I think the “canada is so great because we have fre healthcare!” isn’t such a great defense. I mean, with no competion, what is making these doctors strive to do better? How do you know that you are getting the best of the best with your healthcare? Maybe I have a screwed up American Capitalist view on it though. Maybe you can explain things to me a bit better.

    But please, no more of this “my country’s penis is bigger than yours!” bullshit. From anyone. Please. You can love your country and not hate others.

  43. Personally I love my country. It’s great, corrupt but great.

    For the most part I respect patriotism in all forms. If you’re proud to be french, that’s cool. If you knock America, I’m going to hate on you and your shitty country. The only countries I personally have a deep hatred for are extremist run. Islamic fundamentalist’s can lick my american asshole srsly. I feel the same way about fanatics from all the other religions if that makes anyone feel better.

  44. So, Giles, no answer to the question posed in #41? No big surprise. Let me rephrase: What law, specifically, made it illegal? (With possible life sentences, no less. It’s not impossible but I’ll believe it when I see some actual references citing chapter and verse. And no sooner. Sheesh.)

    BTW, has something like this passed yet? http://www.religioustolerance.org/hatespuk.htm I trust proponents of “hate speech” legislation about as far as I trust the Jerry Falwells of the world; how long before the definition of “hate speech” has expanded to mean, “anything I find offensive”? U.K. residents mocking the U.S. on freedom of speech grounds are obviously ignorant of the irony: The U.S. isn’t the only country chipping away at freedom of expression. But by all means, keep pointing at us and sniggering. Enjoy yourself.

    Chrome, if you think all that “free” stuff is really free, you don’t understand how the world really works. Plus, if it’s Canada’s healthcare you’re cheerleading, you might want to do a little research on Canadians making “medical tourism” trips to the country immediately south of their own — and the reasons why.

  45. met this fella a few times, he is very enthusiastic, and friendly. He seems to like it and that’s all that really matters.

  46. good intentions? definitely.
    horribly misinformed and/or delusional about his adopted homeland’s supposed greatness? i’d say so, but that’s just me.

  47. to #64:

    “I’m going to hate on you and your shitty country. The only countries I personally have a deep hatred for are extremist run.”

    i’d file America somewhere close to there. good luck getting anyone who openly wears their lack of christian faith on their sleeve into the oval office.

  48. Nyarlathotep – Nurr, not a Canadian. Spanish. In 5 years we have come from being controlled by the Catholic Church to being one of the leading countries in social affaires – not said by me, said by British newspapers – and I’m starting to feel a little bit proud on my country for the first time of my life, although we still have a long way to go. And we have great weather too! Our gun policy is restrictive, but most of us are happy about that!

    Cbass182 – Euthanasia is not about pulling the plug on helpless unaware people! Is about helping people *who wants it* to stop suffering. I don’t see why suicide should be illegal in all cases, we’re talking about people whose illnesses are never going to get better and chooses to end the pain.

    Emaline – As I’ve told before I’m not talking about Canada, and it’s not “my country’s penis is bigger than yours” bullshit! Please read again, I don’t think I live in the best country in the world and I know we still have a long way too go. And I’ve never said your country is [insert expletive here], I just have a legitimate question:

    I think being critic and aware of our defects makes us strive to get better. I also believe that if we think we are the best and greatest we will stay the same [as people or countries]. From the outside, reading your comments, it looks like most Americans are too proud of their country to see its defects. I might be wrong, of course, but that’s how it looks like. Do you Americans think that this way of thinking will help your country advance?

    And please, no bashing, I’m not insulting your country or anything.

    About the tattoo, I don’t like it visually, but it’s very nice that someone is so happy with the place he lives in!

    Lastly, sorry but I just can’t think your healthcare is good, since Americans often come in vacation here to get free surgeries they need, such as transplants, heart valves, etc. If your health care system lets people die for lack of money, then your health care system is no good.

    Plus, my cousin has a heart condition, she has been operated on , will need surgery again this year and needs also constant supervision. His father is a doctor, he has loads of money and he spent some years on the USA, so he a) knows the medical system there and b) can afford to take the girl to be treated in the USA. But she’s getting her health care here. I think if Acerican health care was better he would take her daughter there, don’t you?

    Doctors have private practices here, just the same as in America. But the fact that we can get our health care for free limits the prices so private health care is affordable.

  49. Can you say brainwashing?
    No, seriously, though. He does as he pleases, which is cool. Just too bad he’s a bit.. Uhm. Confused. America hasn’t been “The Land of The Free” for many years. But hey, that’s just my two cents.

  50. I think it’s interesting that he has over twenty different tattoos of flags of other countries as well. Seems he’s just proud to be a part of everything!

  51. Steven, its spelled “idiot”

    And Chrome, you still haven’t explained to me how it is free. Without personal stories, tell me how your healthcare is free. Do taxes cover itx, are taxes in your country high? What are the employment rates? How does the country determine who can practise and who cannot? Do you have to go through a certain course or training to become a free doctor? How do you know you are getting the best care? Not every doctor is good. I know, because my grandfather died because of doctor screw ups. What is making these free doctors want to do better if they are all getting the same amount of money?
    Not trying to knock your healthcare system. I’m just curious about it and want to know more.

    Also, the comparing our countries penises comment was not really directed at you. It was directed at everyone who is keeping up with this nonsense of “my country is better than yours!” Why does that nonsense matter? The dude like America, and got a tattoo because of it. Would all of you be arguing if the tattoo was of Canada? Or Japan? Or Russia? I mean honestly, what does it matter? The dude loves his country. The end.

  52. Emaline, have you seen “Sicko” by Michael Moore? It explains the European social security systems better than I would – in this case the English S.S. but it’s about the same. Quick answers to your questions:

    – Taxes depend on your income, in my case it was about 18% of my salary last year but later i got a refund because i’m renting a flat and i’m under 30 – there are refunds for other reasons such as having kids. Before I was unemployed I earned a medium-high salary for my age. People with higher salaries pay higher percents, I couldn’t tell you exactly how it goes.

    – Social Security is co-paid between the company I work for and me. I don’t know how much the company pays, but I know I pay about 4% of my salary. That covers for my medical care and a retirement pension. That also pays for the pensions and health care of people who doesn’t work – of course pensions for people who hasn’t worked are much smaller than contributive pensions.

    – The unemployment rate this year is really high, about 8%, because we are in the middle of an economic crisis caused by a sudden stop on the construction bussiness – we have too many houses already so a lot of construction workers are being fired. Before that it was about 4% I think.

    – To be a doctor you have to go to the equivalent of medical school (5 years) then study your speciality (don’t know how many years but i think about 3), then i think there’s something else but i don’t know what O_o I come from a family of doctors but I’m not one. Then you can set up a private practice, or look for work on a private hospital, or try to work for the Social Security. Most doctors I know do two of those thingk at the same time: my uncle and aunt have a private practice that opens only in the mornings and they do surgeries for the social security in the afternoon. The government pays well as far as I know: as I said before I come from a family of doctors and none of them is exactly poor – and I mean million-dollar houses, trips around the world all the time, summer houses on the beach…
    I couldn’t tell you exactly what motivates S.S. doctors to be good doctors, I’m not so familiar with the insides of the system, but I can tell for that, for instance, in England Social Security doctors are paid more based on performance: you give good care to 98% of your patients? You get more money! You get your patients to stop smoking? (Therefore saving a lot of money in future health care for smoking related illnesses) You get paid more! Your patients are never healthy and keep coming back to the hospital and costing the taxpayers money? You get paid less!

    I hope that answers your questions. If you have any more doubts you can write to angrykitten (at) gmail dot com, I don’t think this is an appropriate place for this conversation 🙂

    To all the rest: Sorry for taking up that much space!

  53. #68 yes, exactly.

    and it kind of seems to me that everyone was fine saying that they loved the usa, but when others brought up how/why they love their own country, they got shot down.
    so #55, yes to you also.

    ps, seeing “usa” so many times just makes me think of this flag faced guy running around yelling “OOSA, I LOVE OOSA.”

  54. I still dont understand why people think we dont have “universal” care here when we do. There’s a little more beauricracy involved here but that’s mainly because we are so litigious (one of our faults).

  55. 18 USC 2257 regulations drive free speech offshore

    Posted: July 3, 2005

    Last week I told you of new regulations on “sexually explicit” material which threaten free speech on the Internet. The regulations have now claimed their first victim.

    Body Modification EZine has been forced to move to Canada to avoid prosecution under the 2257 regulations and protect the privacy of its members. BME publishes photos of tattoos, piercings and other body modifications. Publisher Shannon Larratt has written a letter to his readers about the move.

    “As of June 24, 2005, publishing BME was made illegal in the United States, with my wife Rachel and I each facing life in prison due to our involvement in the site. In no way am I exaggerating the risk we were at. Our lawyer, who specializes in free speech issues, advised us that there was a good chance of prosecution, beating the charges would be far from guaranteed, and that if we had any sense we’d leave America immediately and tell others to do the same.”

    Taking his advice, we moved all of our servers back into Canada which has far broader protection of speech and the press, as well as the required privacy protections. Bringing BME back to Canada where it started cost us a great deal of time, money, and effort, but in the long run will be essential in keeping us online. Without this move it would have been only a matter of time before the site was forced to shut down, have its records seized, and seen us imprisoned.” — Shannon Larratt

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation posted an article explaining why 2257 will chill free speech last week. While publishers of adult pornographic content scramble to comply with the regulations, other publishers of non-pornographic content, such as BME, face prosecution and imprisonment over their formerly protected speech. The Free Speech Coalition is fighting the new 2257 regulations.

    Censorship can take many forms. You’re looking at one of them. As I said last week, preventing child pornography is a laudable goal, but this regulation doesn’t do that. Instead it imposes onerous, frequently impossible, requirements on diverse groups of publishers, effectively destroying free speech and either forcing it offshore, or quashing the speech altogether.

    Like this one, most government laws and regulations have one stated purpose, and then actually do something else entirely. If Congress wants to attack child pornography, then they should pass laws against child pornography, not laws against free speech

  56. 2257. Record keeping requirements

    (a) Whoever produces any book, magazine, periodical, film, videotape, or other matter which—
    (1) contains one or more visual depictions made after November 1, 1990 of actual sexually explicit conduct; and
    (2) is produced in whole or in part with materials which have been mailed or shipped in interstate or foreign commerce, or is shipped or transported or is intended for shipment or transportation in interstate or foreign commerce;
    shall create and maintain individually identifiable records pertaining to every performer portrayed in such a visual depiction.
    (b) Any person to whom subsection (a) applies shall, with respect to every performer portrayed in a visual depiction of actual sexually explicit conduct—
    (1) ascertain, by examination of an identification document containing such information, the performer’s name and date of birth, and require the performer to provide such other indicia of his or her identity as may be prescribed by regulations;
    (2) ascertain any name, other than the performer’s present and correct name, ever used by the performer including maiden name, alias, nickname, stage, or professional name; and
    (3) record in the records required by subsection (a) the information required by paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection and such other identifying information as may be prescribed by regulation.
    (c) Any person to whom subsection (a) applies shall maintain the records required by this section at his business premises, or at such other place as the Attorney General may by regulation prescribe and shall make such records available to the Attorney General for inspection at all reasonable times.
    (1) No information or evidence obtained from records required to be created or maintained by this section shall, except as provided in this section, directly or indirectly, be used as evidence against any person with respect to any violation of law.
    (2) Paragraph (1) of this subsection shall not preclude the use of such information or evidence in a prosecution or other action for a violation of this chapter or chapter 71, or for a violation of any applicable provision of law with respect to the furnishing of false information.
    (1) Any person to whom subsection (a) applies shall cause to be affixed to every copy of any matter described in paragraph (1) of subsection (a) of this section, in such manner and in such form as the Attorney General shall by regulations prescribe, a statement describing where the records required by this section with respect to all performers depicted in that copy of the matter may be located.
    (2) If the person to whom subsection (a) of this section applies is an organization the statement required by this subsection shall include the name, title, and business address of the individual employed by such organization responsible for maintaining the records required by this section.
    (f) It shall be unlawful—
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    (g) The Attorney General shall issue appropriate regulations to carry out this section.
    (h) As used in this section—
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    (3) the term “produces” means to produce, manufacture, or publish any book, magazine, periodical, film, video tape, computer generated image, digital image, or picture, or other similar matter and includes the duplication, reproduction, or reissuing of any such matter, but does not include mere distribution or any other activity which does not involve hiring, contracting for managing, or otherwise arranging for the participation of the performers depicted; and
    (4) the term “performer” includes any person portrayed in a visual depiction engaging in, or assisting another person to engage in, actual sexually explicit conduct.
    (i) Whoever violates this section shall be imprisoned for not more than 5 years, and fined in accordance with the provisions of this title, or both. Whoever violates this section after having been convicted of a violation punishable under this section shall be imprisoned for any period of years not more than 10 years but not less than 2 years, and fined in accordance with the provisions of this title, or both.

  57. MistahG: In light of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, I don’t think anyone from the UK is in a defensible position to criticise American pornography law right now. It looks foolish to do so.

  58. Dammit, I used a word Im not allowed to I guess. Let me repost.

    Did you actually read 2257 Giles? All it is, is a law saying that if you have people fucking on film you need to check their ids. And you know what the penalties for breaking it are? Practically nothing!

  59. Very good. Very, very good. But where does it say anything about life imprisonment?

    “… If Congress wants to attack child pornography, then they should pass laws against child pornography, not laws against free speech”

    Nothing in there regulates speech. Nothing. It just mandates you be able to show that the people having sex on your website are of age. BME’s move to Canadian servers? Collateral damage, unless you’d like to try spinning me some tinfoil-hat theory that BME’s move is Exactly The Sort Of Thing They(tm) Wanted To Happen.

    Guess what? Sooner or later, BME might find itself moving again, moving out of Canada this time. Take a look at the proposed “Canadian DMCA” — more restrictive than the DMCA, last I checked into it. Which suggests that a “Canadian 2257,” if it ever surfaces, would be at least as tough as 2257. Which isn’t as far-fetched as some might think. One of the very best anti-child-pornography units in the world is Canadian, so Ottawa isn’t exactly disinterested in that fight.

    There are plenty of large, direct restrictions on free speech, all over the place, that worry me far more than 2257. The link I provided, for one. Your Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, for another. McCain-Feingold, to name a third. Big, large, sweeping direct restrictions on speech. In contrast, requiring websites to make sure that their boinkfests consist solely of adults, isn’t even on my radar. If and when DIRECT attacks on speech are curtailed, then and only then will I care about things like 2257.

    Ever hear the “frog in the increasingly-hot water” analogy? The UK’s just another frog in another pot.

    #81, don’t confuse him.

    cere, here’s the thing — if BME were to start keeping records, I suspect some contributions might dry up. E.g., if any of the people submitting amputation accounts are also receiving compensation for “accidents,” they’re engaged in fraud. If any BME contributors are engaged in such fraud, you can imagine there’s little interest among them that BME comply with 2257.

  60. Alas it seems you do not understand the true implications of the law and its effects. Oh well.

  61. I believe the flag code requires that all vertically hung flags to have the union (the blue part with the stars) on the left side (that is, so viewers will see it on the left).

    Dude’s tat is in violation.

  62. “Personally, I am too vindictively American, too full of hate for the hateful aspects of this country, and too possessed by the things I love here to be too long away.”
    -Ralph Ellison

    You all can go on hemming and hawing about politics and whose country is better than whose, whether or not there is such a thing as a “free” country, which government is better, bashing eachother, and failing to realize that all for the nature of humans, it really is not much different no matter where you go.

    I, personally, will only say that while I do not consider myself a patriot, looking out my window and seeing the mountains I live in is my motivation enough to stay here and enjoy what I can.

    Whether you like it or not, the choice to have this tattoo was this man’s testament to what he loves, all flaws aside. Hell, If I could have the Ozarks tattoo’d on my ass and not look like some hokey whatever, I would.

  63. Not for me the facial tats but this bloke is proud to be an American & this is his way of expressing it & good luck to you mate.

    The thing that grates is the news article, noxious style of writing…

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