14 thoughts on “Words Can Kill..

  1. Neat! I love the knuckles. Is it “Less Time” or am I completely wrong? o.O

    The chestpiece = <3.

  2. Roo: I think perhaps its due to the fact that on the main ModBlog page there are recently updated photo submissions being posted. So while readers are reading their eyes glance to the side and PRESTO they instantly think someone was “modblogged”

    Much like on bmezine.com under the main image posted and submission updates,etc there’s three different photos selected in there.

    Can’t count how many times someone went: “OMG YOU’RE ON THE COVER OF BME!” and all it was, was the rinky dinky small image portion lmao

  3. Cute, chest piece, camel wides, knukz, what more could you ask for in a woman?

  4. no this was up for about an hour a few days ago on modblog. I have seen all of these pictures and EXACT layout. It must have been when Roo was preparing it.

  5. yeah.. this was definitely up like a day or so ago for the top entry on modblog..

  6. verbal suicide is such a beautiful phrase it’s dancing in my head right now. Those glasses in the 3rd pic are super flattering and cute.

  7. wow I’m really flattered. This just made my day and thank you for all the compliments all of you gave me. <3

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