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  1. I don’t care about the gender of butts owner, but a pack of smokes for 50 cents? That would get me smoking again.

  2. woah is that a guys or girls ass??
    cause damn if thats a girl
    then she has some hairy secrets LAWL
    nice tat though

  3. that’s an awesome tattoo.

    her, she, her, she. she’s got a nice butt.

  4. I think this tattoo is ace, i especially like the glasses and watch, nice touch!

  5. Women DO grow hair you know. No need to be rude about it. Not all women wax themselves back into childhood. -eyeroll-

    And that is a gorgeous butt, hair or not. Not sure I’d want that tattoo, however if it makes her happy then that’s awesome!

  6. Whoa. Ok, I had to read the story because my first thought was it was a piece of shit reading a newspaper as some kind of inside joke.

  7. Man is that butt hairy or what ? 😐 That’s the first thing that drew my attention, not the tattoo 😐

  8. 10: I honestly thought that was a turd as well,lol.
    Any chance of her turning that into a full cheek theme?

  9. maybe people should let go and accept that women are not hairless beings. adults have hair!

    that being said, funny tatt! a croissant WOULD do that.

  10. I really don’t buy the story, I get the impression the subject is a guy and though the poor little croissant is a bit turd like it’s a rather cute tattoo.

    As a side note a best friend of mine and her sister used to use the word “croissant” as a code word for sex when they still lived with their parents. “So the other night I had this really hot croissant…”

  11. I don’t understand the logic in that bet…I’m assuming someone had to pay for the tattoo and I’m also assuming it cost a hell of a lot more than a pack of smokes. There seems to be an easier resolution here.

  12. I think it is rather childish to go on about the butt hair, I mean really people grow up.

    However omg women have hair? I did not know this! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!

    But just an FYI for all those that are all *taps chest* pro femme,etc….Its not that its about a woman with hairy butt, at least in my eyes. It’s more about the ideal of self-worth in maintaining and caring for your body…You don’t let your lawns grass grow all outta wack…You don’t let your lawn get overrun with weeds…Them hedges they does need pruning from time to time. And just like your yard, your body needs caring/maintaing as well.

    Not saying you need to be smoother and hairless like a new born baby…But lets not try to start growing a new rain forest on that body.

    That goes for guys as well…But that’s also MY personal view on the hair subject…Some people view hair on a man/woman as being the ultimate of sex-say…Me…I say sweat clings to it…it helps create dust bunnies (pubes and dead skin)…and all I gotta say is: Mexican/Indian Food + Hairy Ass = You best have stocks in Toliet paper. Cuz you gonna be wiping for DAYS!

  13. I think it’s cute…. well the croissant. The bum is okay.

    I really love that the croissant is wearing a watch.

  14. I think the croissant’s cute wearing it’s little glasses and reading the paper! 🙂

  15. Yes women have hair…
    But Jessica here has a lot of hair for a girl… At least where I come from she does… but everyone is different..

  16. 🙂 cool tattoo.

    As for the hairy arse, moles, birthmarks, “crooked” septums, etc., does that really matter in a modification blag? To me, it doesn’t. I don’t expect “shaved-all-over” unless the person is a model or a stripper.

  17. If this IS a chick, I think the boxers/boxer-briefs are a nice touch. Personally, as a girl, I’ve never found them comfortable to wear under clothing!

  18. Maybe Jessica is a naturalist. Who cares, geez people. Watch any amatuer, home-filmed porn and most chicks have some booty-hair.
    The tattoo is super cute though! Good morning! hehe

  19. Haha. I love how it’s eyes are ever so slightly glancing to the “danger” zone, as it were.
    Hairy, or no hairy butt, I don’t care, the tattoo is hilarious.

  20. This IS a man’s butt, you can tell. Women’s bums and men’s bums are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.
    The story doesn’t make much sense, because if he needed 50c for some smokes, how did he afford the tattoo?
    The ink’s pretty cool, though.

  21. It’s not the hair that leads me to think the subject is a male but rather the body shape. The story just seems tossed in for a bit of fun and shock.

    Bodies come in all shapes and harrinessis and the one thing most of us can agree on is it is a good tattoo.

  22. It’s obviously a man’s ass, people. Unless she has a serious case of Hirsutism, that is too hairy for a woman. Even a woman like me who doesn’t “wax herself back into childhood” isn’t anywhere near that hairy. Plus, he has no curves.
    I was so confused about the story and picture, it was hard to really focus on what this post was about- the tattoo. And that’s a sad thing.

  23. If the bet was for just fifty cents…who paid for the tattoo to get done? Just wondering. As for the great hair debate…I don’t think it’s really “hairy” it’s more like fuzz (really light hair) and not every girl shaves their entire body to look like a model. Some people are furry and there’s nothing wrong with that. Oh, and I love croissants!

  24. Really cool and fun idea, but i gotta say it, its a pretty hairy butt for a lady, i mean, if that’s the road, i dont wanna think about the town, if you know what i mean, but honestly, many women got hair in there, so its k 😀

  25. the guy who’s cousin came down is a tattoo artist.. In fact the “here link” is linking to his portfolio…So.. I guess that’s how the tattoo got paid for..But yeah. Defiantly a guy’s ass, hairy or not.. and the story’s probably made up too I’m guessing

  26. If the story is fake, it would not be the first time as Michelle the Pass Around Girl misstated a lot about herself.

    Nonetheless, it should be the tattoo that is important since this is MODblog.

  27. I’m willing to bet Jessica has dark hair..

    which is why her arse looks hairier than it should I suppose, whatever.. my butt’s fuzzy too I’m just blond so you can’t tell.

  28. Anyone Ever Think That Jessica Wasn’t Born A Woman?…Might Be Going Though A Change…Don’t Judge People For The Way They Look…There Is A Man That Had A Baby Not To Long Ago, Think People…

  29. please roo…clear the subject for us..the ass:his it from jessica’s cousin or jessica’s?how did they payed for the tatto if they didn’t have enough money for smokes? x|oh..the misteries of life..

  30. A.) It’s not a guys butt.

    B.) Who cares about some hair?! It’s not thick and black! You don’t have to part it.
    As previously stated, women aren’t hairless. And they DON’T need to be either!

    C.) It’s a cute tattoo. 🙂

  31. deadite: The term tranny is extremely offensive.
    I’m not sure exactly what you think “doesn’t count” but most trans men do not have genital surgery. Some choose to have hysterectomies but not all. Your comment doesn’t even make sense in the context of a response to the person you quoted.

  32. I’ve seen a lot of female butts, I’m even the proud owner of one of them, and I’ve never seen that much hair in one. Plus the shape is more like a guy’s and it looks like s/he’s wearing male underpants.
    So I’m betting joke story and male butt.

  33. Wow, I always end up commenting on pictures of people with a lot of body hair, because I just can’t get over how effin’ dumb previous comments are.

    It’s hair, if it wasn’t supposed to grow there, it wouldn’t. Not every lady likes to or feels the need to shave every inch of their bodies. It’s ridiculous, people are acting like she has a full beard on her ass, it’s nice fine hair, and it is not a big deal. Get over yourselves. It’s really pathetic that people are so grossed out by hair. Get used to it, humans have had hair on their bodies for as long as humans have been in existence, and I don’t really think that will change any time soon, and it shouldn’t have to. Suck it the fuck up.

    Next time anyone that left a comment about this girls bottom, bitches about some douche complaining about their tattoos/piercings/what the fuck ever, please refer back to your assholery.

    I like croissants, and I like this tattoo. End of comment.

  34. My name is Samantha, i’m a boxer wearing girl with a much hairier butt than this. I think its sexy! its ridic to assume this is a boy because of the hairy butt, and even more ridic to assume its a boy because of boxers. get a clue haters.

  35. I always liked it when I got sand in my butt crack from the beach.

    I would so have a butt waxing party with her. I would wax hers, then she would wax mine. We would smoke 50 cent cigarettes all night.

    I thought it was a turd as well… a cute turd. it made think… smart shit.

  36. 56… you’ve made up my mind!

    I have a theory that the people who sent in the story are now laughing at everyone’s pathetic babbling over too hairy or not, along with the crazy feminists.

    Who gives a fuck?

    Regardless, this is a hilarious tatoo and it’s well done. Warren: you are my hero.

  37. 56… you’ve made up my mind!

    I have a theory that the people who sent in the story are now laughing at everyone’s pathetic babbling over too hairy or not, along with the crazy feminists.

    Who gives a fuck?

    Regardless, this is a hilarious tatoo and it’s well done. Warren: you are my hero.

  38. Alright alright, I wasn’t even going to take part in this hair commentary as I really don’t care. But…Women have hair but I am a woman and I don’t grow hair on my lower back and butt like that. Looking at the picture 56 linked to… I bet with 99.9% certainty that that is in fact a dude’s arse.
    Anywho! If this is really a girl or not is not the focus of this, the tattoo is freaking hilarious, I love it.
    Though may I nitpick and say the “NEWS” wording should be on the other side of the paper? Otherwise this paper reads backwards like a Japanese comic book.

  39. “get a clue haters.”

    Since it was me who mentioned that the hair plus the shape plus the boxers made me think that was a man, would you kindly tell me why exactly am I a hater? Have I ever said anything about having body hair being wrong?

    Because, just so you know, I’m a girl. And I have hair in some places (not in my buttocks or back, though). And I’m wearing nice pac-man boxers right now; that doesn’t mean anything by itself: it’s the conjunction on three factors that makes me think that’s a guy on the picture.

    So please stop assuming things and calling names. I think my comment was polite and I don’t deserve to be called a hater because of it.

  40. I think we are on the same team Chrome. I’m a no issue with hair, pro-boxer wearing, liberal, feminist, gal who happens to think the subject of the photo is very likely a male just due to body shape and the fact that I think the story sounds ill conceived.

    I’m really not sure how that could get me lumped in with the “haters”….

    And 63 comments later “Oh why can’t we all just get along…”

  41. i had no idea that was a croissant until i read the caption. it seriously looks like a piece of poo. and if this is a chick, she needs to shave her ass

  42. hly crap fuck peoples!
    “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.”

  43. “It’s not the hair that leads me to think the subject is a male but rather the body shape”

    i agree. even if it wasn’t hairy.. it looks like a boy bum.

    … sooo ‘she’ needed 50 cents for cigarettes…but has money for a tattoo? unless the person telling the story is a tattoo artist and did it got free.

  44. So, its a hairy girl with no hips, with a poo drinking a cup of tea tattooed on her. Gotcha.

  45. i think y’all should stop worrying about it. altho the above comment made me laugh, i enjoy the tattoo on whoevers arse it is. you people making those comments about that ass, get your own asses out for public attention. at least that asses owner was brave enough to show it off!!!

  46. “My cousin Jessica came up to visit me (guy) over the weekend and I bet her fifty cents she wouldn’t get a tattoo of a croissant on her butt. She needed the money for a packet of smokes, so here it is.. me who ever got the crossant tatto is infact a guy , and im sincerly sorry for my comment , jessica may infact lost the bet

  47. I don’t know if it’s a guy or a girl, but you can’t base it on hair or lack of hips. I’m a girl and I have zero hips, it’s just the way I’m built, and I have a (female) friend who has a hairier ass than that, though it looks like her hair’s darker, so that may have something to do with it. People are just different.

    But anyway, it’s a clever tattoo.

  48. yes it totally looks like a turd! great tattoo. who cares about the hairy bum! it’s about the ink not the flesh (in this photo anyway!)

  49. I’m chuckling reading all these comments. Redundancy anyone? And has everyone forgotten what an ass does? Who really cares what it looks like, it has a function that I particularly don’t find really attractive. I personally think they shouldn’t have chosen such a “safe spot” to get a dumb tattoo and should have gotten it on an arm, leg, dot dot dot where it’s more visible.

  50. People…Its a butt…Get over it…Love the tat, hella hilarious! And smokes for 50cents? My fiance would kill for smokes that cheap!!!

  51. The artist has an IAM page, if anyone really cares enough to ask 😛

    I also thought it was a turd at first glance, after reading though I can see the croissant. I do wonder how that conversation sprung up though….

  52. mans arse, girls arse, too much or just enough hair, who gives a fuck, it was posted here because of the tattoo.

    for a (supposedly liberal) body modification website sometimes the participants can be a judgemental bunch of pricks.

  53. Whoahhhh people…
    “I think we are on the same team Chrome. I’m a no issue with hair, pro-boxer wearing, liberal, feminist, gal who happens to think the subject of the photo is very likely a male just due to body shape and the fact that I think the story sounds ill conceived.
    I’m really not sure how that could get me lumped in with the “haters”….”
    Took the words right out of my mouth. Does it really matter though?? The focus is the TATTOO guys. Let’s just chill. Eat come croissants. Though preferably not one that reside on a buttock. I like him. He’s kinda cute.

  54. hehe this tattoo spawned over 80 replies! only on BME….
    p/s, i think its a hella cute tattoo.

  55. To the comments about a woman’s ass not being that hairy.. I used to know a greek girl and she had extremely dark hair everywhere. *Shrugs* It is possible. People have hair covering their entire bodies.. some people just have darker hair and it’s easier to see.

    Anyway! ^_~ That’s way too cute. I’m not really sure how it could be mistaken for a poo but then again I do love croissants. Yum!

  56. i try to post positive comments here but LORDY im SO tired of “OMG IS THAT A BOY OR GIRL???” comments around here. havent any of you learned BODIES ARE DIFFERENT??? that GENDER can be a lot of different things? jesus fuck! 86 comments about body hair. how embarassing.

  57. Man I don’t even care about how her ass looks, this tattoo is awesome and hilarious. hahaha and man I wish smokes only cost 50 cents over here! all in all, love it (:

  58. i feel bad i thought it was a turd, and not a roll just the coloring and the general area of its placement

  59. That’s definitely a guy’s butt. Even skinny girls have some sort of padding on their hips.

    I like the croissant, it looks so…professional. Getting ready for another day at the office.

  60. You guys, this was a funny joke that keeps on giving. My cousin Jessica came to visit me for a week. She is a very nice young kid who dispises smokes and tattoos and was brought up well mannered and conservative. I posted this and told her mum she came to visit me to get her first tattoo, hang out and smoke, and the proof is on the net. Jessica thought her reputation would be ruined until she seen the photo and realised it could never be mistaken as her ass. Everyone had a laugh and you guys are the punch line. cheers guys.

    The GUY who got the tattoo saved the design from a bubble gum rapper he had when he was seven! He held onto it till he was 18 and made it permenant. God knows why but that is determination for ya. The seeds of tattoo lovers are planted young.

  61. Girl or Boy at the end of the day, hairy bums are always good for a giggle.. This one guy I knew had THEE hairiest backside ever.. We called him “Chewy” LOL

  62. That is amazing, I love the expression and the little glasses…how’d she pay for the tattoo if she didn’t have the money for the smokes? Get over it people, we all have hair just some is darker and more prominent than others.

  63. It’s not that she has a lot of hair for a girl. It’s that many women shave so it doesn’t get to that point.
    Yeesh. It makes me want to give up shaving for a year or so, while wearing many skirts with sleeveless tops, just as an “In your face” kind of thing.

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