24 thoughts on “Bandana Man

  1. hey… does the bme shop sell bandanas?

    if not… that should TOTally happen…

  2. Shit man, in the towns I grew up in the only people that wore bandanas were the Mothers (a motorcycle gang) or Black Power and Mongrel Mob prospects. They were fashion, they showed affiliation. I’d like to see any of these emo kids take an axe in the shoulder like those Mod fullas do.

  3. ive actually been a bandana fan most ov my life, started out growin in in cleveland, and then i discovered suicidal tendencies when i was 14 and it became a part ov my wordrobe ever since…

  4. I can’t believe these emo kids nowadays not being able to take an axe to the shoulder. Heck, I’m betting they can’t even take a chainsaw to the face, or decapitation with a shovel. Wimps.

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