Maternal Wiggle.

The look on Jak‘s mothers face is priceless, like she’s just discovered how to turn lead into gold or something. I just hope he remembered to wash behind his ears!

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33 thoughts on “Maternal Wiggle.

  1. My mom wouldn’t do that either! Every time I come home for a visit, she stares at my ears and her eyes start to well up. She would bawl for hours if she had to touch them

  2. What a cool mum!
    My mum wouldn’t go near my lobes with a 10 foot barge poll!

  3. The mods look great, cool mom, and the guy looks eerily like Robert Carlyle from 28 Weeks Later

  4. My mom got pissed and said she was going to throw up when I just showed her my naked lobes, and they were only 5/8 then.

    I’d kill to have his mom !

  5. I agree with everyone about wanting to have an awesome and understanding mom like that. It’s a really cute shot :)

  6. my mom has no problem with my lobes either dressed or naked, but does have a problem with my fingers going through them haha

    cool mom, cool shot

  7. My ears are at like, 1/2 inch right now I believe. But when I last saw my mom they were still at 0g and I pulled out my plug to rub my lobe and she squawked at me to never do that again. She’s doesn’t care about me stretching my ears…she just doesn’t want to see it. Haha.

  8. this made me giggle. While my mom and dad are both okay with my need to modify, they don’t necessarily get it lol.

  9. hehe the first thing I saw when I looked at this picture was an image of her pulling him around by his ears just like they do when we cause shit when we’re little.

    I adore this picture and the mods – the black jewelery really suits his skin.

  10. I always thought it’s the cuttest BM photo ever. Glad to see BME agrees with me^^
    I also wish my mum would accept me so much…

  11. yay for loving moms!!! My mom tends to stick her fingers through my ears too. She doesnt understand why I do it, but excepts it. My dad… just kinda stays quiet, I really don’t know what he thinks about it. I like to tell my dad that I have extra holes in my penis, he just covers his ears with his hands, and makes a cute uncomfortable scrunched face.

  12. # 24 i know wach a mean parents are disgusted with our mods and will never quite understand them but thats ok , same for my parents dads quiet mom just looks and replys o-god what do u have in your ears now!

  13. its amazing how some parents care but then you get parents that are completely the opposite ( wicked bitches of eastwick ) oh well such is life ……………. and as for the photo . its stunning but all i can really hope for is that he dont piss mommy off while she has him in that delicate position…….. lmao that would be painfull i think.

    onywho props to you for lettin your mum see the light regarding mods

  14. Aww, I’d seen this picture earlier on another site and thought it was super cute.
    I don’t think my dad has even realised that I have stretched lobes, and my mom thinks I’m ruining my ears, but what can you do..
    I’m more concerned about my grandparents, who keep telling me about what kind of man I should try to find; one with short hair and no silly earrings. Imagine if I brought him home for them to see :D

  15. #31-
    My mother is constantly on about how i’ll never find a decent man with all my mods and how no one could ever want to marry me with “mutilated ears and trashy tattoos”.
    Gotta love moms….

  16. …haha. My uncle teases me and says, “At least I don’t have three buttholes.” Crude, but funneh. :D
    I have a bit of catbutt going on, due to uninformed stretching. But, ahem. Maybe I’ll have the scar tissue punched out, and show him my asshole-free ears. :]

    My parents don’t particularly like my stretched ears, even though they’re quite small – 0g. But, they’re accepting, and we joke about them sometimes. I like to catch my mom off guard and stick my little fingers through them >.>

    I have one grandmother that thinks my ears are “cool” and even bought a large-gauge pair of earrings for me to wear at prom. My other father doesn’t really acknowledge them, but also doesn’t seem to care. It’s my other two grandmothers and grandfathers that fuss.

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