20 thoughts on “I’m Not..

  1. ok ok, sorry for being so rude, roo and company. this site is still a valuable resource, it’s just that change is scary, you can understand that, right? (p.s. albuquerque is the shit)

  2. Considered the fact that the woman is standing behind a bottle? Things tend to “blow up” a little if you look through one.. Or something.


  3. Still, her forearm is about as wide as her head, and I don’t know ’bout you, but my body doesn’t scale like that :S

  4. What exactly is happening down below? Is that supposed to be red pubic hair, or is it just heavy handed shading?

  5. yes i agree with molly, i think we should all have Grey’s Anatomy tattooed cover to cover on our bodies with no artistic liberties taken

  6. Cuntcumber, I believe it s in response to the previous entry.

    And I agree with Molly. I’ve been looking at this picture for awhile thinking “What??”

  7. I look at this girl, then look at the girl on *my* arm, and truly appreciate being tattooed by an artist who knows you can stylise and still maintain correct proportions……

  8. Oppositronic: I don’t think a warped hand and a bending upper arm is “artist liberty”. And if it were “blown up” by the glass, then shouldn’t her legs be like that, too?

  9. hmm… usually the chickenheads on the internet don’t bother me, but in this case i felt the need to put my defense in.
    1: bent surface(arm) gives a warped picture.
    2: you want to bitch to someone about the anatomy, go tell jerry collins. its one of his images. to the line.
    3: yeah, its red pubes, you never seen a fire crotch.
    4: the exact image
    <img src=”“>
    now bitch about me being a pussy so you’ll feel better

  10. Molly, you are right, but there are people here who will defend bad artwork and people’s right to put it on their body until the death… so don’t bother, haha.

  11. ultimately, if the guy’s happy with the tattoo, that’s all that matters, poor anatomy or not. besides, a lot of cartoons bend the rules of physics and ignore anatomy. turn on cartoon network some time and you’ll see that plain enough.

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