17 thoughts on “Garrotte the Gallus Gallus

  1. Diego – Don’t worry, all images will be watermarked BMEzine.com from now on, and they’ll all be “cool-fonted”.

  2. outmywindow – Haha, ok ok, I removed the clickthrough. In retrospect it probably wasn’t worth it.

  3. The link to get here from BME is broken, just so you know.

    I had to go in the News part and then click on Modblog.

  4. iam:demoiselle, i agree, the ‘what’ is something that probably shouldn’t be said in public.

  5. Well I’ve seen, and done some far more unscrupulous tattoos….. this guy has a very good sense of humor. He was a great client, and lots of fun. Choking the chicken, is for some a great release. Like anything else, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everything is subjective.

  6. Hey the dude looks happy with it so does it really matter? choke on my friend. choke on……

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