Spider Man.

Fred‘s recently been getting involved with his local indoor climbing club (that’s chalk, not cocaine) and adds “It just goes to show that even with a magnetic implant, you can still use your fingers to their fullest!

That said, there are still a lot of risks involved and much more research to be done on magnetic implants.

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  1. Wouldn’t a magnetic implant be damaging to use around a computer? Is it so small that it doesn’t cause trouble?

  2. i heard that sometimes the silicone breaks open when you’re doing the rough stuff. different with the titanium coating?

  3. why do they have to be coated in anything? wouldn’t it cause less trouble if they didn’t have a coating?

  4. Coated in titanium? How does that effect the field? I know that titanium is non-magnetic, but I would think that it might weaken or cause some interference with the magnet’s field. Fred, do you have any resources or extra info on your particular experience with your setup?

    As a side note, were there any updates about tests done with a polyurethane coatings?

  5. Silicone coating surely is softer, isn’t there a risk of titanium causing more tissue erosion, especially in fingertips?

    Also yeah, it has to be coated. The magnets used are a natural earth element which is slightly toxic, which would otherwise disintegrate into the body

    Isn’t there an implant grade steel with magnetic properties? or would that require nickel in it which would leech out

  6. Titanium is not magnetic so its effect on magnetic fields is very little. All the implant grade steel (and good stainless steel body jewelry) ive had contact with is not magnetic either. Ive heard that a quick test of the quality of your jewelry is that if its magnetic, dont wear it.

  7. I assume I have nowhere near the sensitivity of others with silicone magnets implanted but I believe that to be due to the weight of the titanium coating.

  8. I was talking about silicone-coated magnetic implants to my boyfriend who’s a biomedical engineer, and he says the solution to the problem of silicone coating degradation is to use REALLY REALLY pure silicone, or have an outer coating of something “disposable” like hydroxyapatite that will be eaten away while giving scar tissue time to form and encapsulate the implant.

    Any body modification artists who have dentist friends…?

  9. Hey, I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find any info on people currenlty doing the magnetic implant procedure. Can anyone give me a phone number or something?

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