18 thoughts on “Clack, Clack, Clack.

  1. I’m usually not a fan of hand tattoos. Not because I think people shouldn’t have tattoos on their hands but more because I hardly ever see anything that I think really looks the business. This, however, I think looks bloody brilliant and I would like to shake that man’s hand if I wasn’t so afraid of the pinch.

  2. heard that derek dude ripped off my peg leg tattoo and did it on somebody else. could be wrong, but somebody did and its lame either way but what can ya do?

  3. Haha, wow. That is SO cool. I would go around pinching everything if I had those on my hands 😀

  4. OH NO! It’s…It’s….CITIZEN SNIIIIIPS!!!!

    hahaha…brings back memories of my father and his: “Watch out the Claw is going to get you” game he used to play on me and my brother when we were a lot younger.

  5. yea i d like to think that my idea is pretty original, im sure somebody somewhere has done it before though. I called Derek shortly after i thought of the idea because he recently relocated to Seattle, he seems like a real nice guy, so im sorry if he “ripped off” your idea for the pegleg apathy, but like i said someone has probably done it before or thought of it way before we could imagine. the important thing is that I, or He, got it done before somebody else and you didn’t.

    sorry if i come across crabby, i just hate it when people say, “oh! i thought of that first” yet they don’t have anything to back it up..its so childish!

    but i digress, the tattoo is alot of fun and people really like it, i plan to paint a flash set of similar “functional tattoos” soon, and maybe post some pictures of me squeezing boobs! haha
    much love,

  6. well actually my peg leg made it on modblog forever ago, but yea i know… somebody else is gonna have it. still sucks but like i said, what can ya do?

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