Think that’s some sort of evil-doing filthy scorpion beast of meat and pincers on IAM: Vulture‘s chest?

Well, shut your filthy noise tube, clickthrough and think again!

Sleeve by Patrick Cornolo of Speakeasy Custom Tattoos, Chicago, IL. Chest by Luke Rhubelt, Tainted Skin Tattoo and Piercing, IN.

23 thoughts on “Giiiiireat!

  1. Woo, a paintballer got modblogged.

    Nice tattoos particularly on the arm!


  2. wow, his sleeve is adorable. the thing – the robot – on his chest is quite strange, nevertheless very interesting.

  3. “GIR? What does the ‘G’ stand for?”
    “I don’t know”.

    And he’s wearing Dye Pants. How much hotter can he get?
    Too bad he’s not Aussie. :(

    Awesome choice of tatts. Awesome choice of sports.

  4. Eee! The “shut your filthy noise tube” gave it away before I clicked through. Major love for Invader Zim. And consequently for this tattoo. And this man.

  5. ITS GIR!!!!

    Gosh I love that little critter!
    And the episode that is from is awesome “The knowledge, it builds me!!” LOL

    I’m working on a gir hat right now,I love this!


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