I’m Gonna Make Love Even When I’m Dead!

I’ve got a few photos that I really want to post but they came with no details whatsoever, so don’t complain just enjoy this amazing Chef Life tattoo (which reminds me a lot of those Spot The Difference puzzles I rocked as a kid).

Clickthrough for a giant close-up, and marvel!

10 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Make Love Even When I’m Dead!

  1. haha, that is so good. great back piece. i have nothing original to say except to make the obvious comment of how good that is

  2. haha this is awesome, i remeber when i was a kid we use to have this same picture hanging in our kitchen.

  3. This was done in the North Miami Tattoo’s By Lou in Florida. The artist who did it was LaRon (Ron, LA), the design came off a HUGE poster. I was piercing there when he got this done.

  4. Tee hee. A chef i know has this picture (there is a lot more to it) on the wall in her home kitchen. The lettering and the pans, I believe, were not part of the original. just never thought anyone would think of putting it into dermal ink.

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