13 thoughts on “Manguer D’Introspection.

  1. This is the coolest skin removal/scarification I have seen yet. Props on this one!

  2. lol your title is wrong, it’s “manGEUR d’introspection”.
    written like this it could mean “the mango guy of introspection” or “to have a lack of introspection” said by a drunk guy or a 3 years old girl who has a hair on her tongue.

  3. Well “manguer” doesn’t mean anything, the only thing that could be is a verb which has for origin the word “mango”, and that does not really make sense, even in french :D
    (Grammar nazi etc.)

  4. hey!!!!!! brravo msieur thorn…..une de tes oeuvres sur mod blog…..le debut de la consecration!!!!
    bises a la france!! Lö

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