28 thoughts on “True Runes

  1. This is probably based off The water margin, which is a Chinese legend/novel (think like romance of the three kingdoms). When they brought the novel over to japan the name was changed to Suikoden and the games are based off the ideas of the book. Also Just cause the staff I thinking its of Sagacious Lu but thats just a guess.

  2. Shaved?! What are you guys talking about? 🙂

    I’ll install a “razor” tool to Photoshop for the next picture of a chap with a tiny bit of bum hair.

  3. I’m going to have to agree with everybody haha. I don’t think the posture is going to effect us quite as much as the butt-fuzz does hahahaha. Either way though, it’s a stunning piece! I wonder how many sessions/hours it took totaled to become what it is today :]

  4. Awesome tattoo.

    This is ModBlog….why are people more concerned with body hair, stubble, moles, birthmarks or stretch marks than the actual mod itself?

  5. PsychoPenguin – I think it was more like, “Wow, what a great piece…What the? Ha!”

  6. Fucking hell, people. Who the fuck complains about the human body in its natural state on modblog? SRSLY NAO.

  7. nice tattoo…. comments about the hair was not needed…. this is bmezine after all… cuts, hair, ‘imperfections’ ain’t all of those accepted here?

  8. I don’t think anyone was being too serious with the hair comments. It’s not like anyone said, “The hair! Look at it! I just cannot appreciate this tattoo with that rampant anal hair distracting me. I am disgusted and offended. Please banish this man from modblog with immediate effect, and may God have mercy on his soul.”

  9. i personally like the butt hair kinda looks like a lil goatee for his crack. Some people need to not freak out whne people point out a lil hair. Some people are a lil overly sensitive to off the cuff opinions/observations.

  10. That’s a beautiful piece…*jealous*

    And there’s nothing wrong with a lil hair! ^_^

  11. Who the fuck complains about the human body in its natural state on modblog?

    Nearly everyone, or so it seems. It’s tiresome.

    The tattoo is amazing.

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