16 thoughts on “Aural Dentata

  1. heheh if i had teeth ripped out i would do this with them!!
    i wonder if it would work with dermal punched cartilage?! [5mm punch set in 12mm acrillic?]
    would be interesting to see!

  2. When my friend Nathan got his wisdom teeth pulled, he cleaned, polished and rounded two of them and wears them in his ears all the time….they look crazy, as you start to get closer to him you notice the little cracks and spots and you’re like…..wait…
    It’s extra-awesome that they’re his own teeth.

  3. I’ve always liked the “random things in plugs” idea. This one is neat although it could have been executed better.

  4. I’ve been planning on doing this ever since I found out I need four pre-molars extracted! Two in a set of plugs and at least one metal-plated and strung as a necklace. I love teeth!

  5. haha, awesome, I kept my wisdom teeth so I could do that with them. Don’t know where to go to get them set in resin though.

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