29 thoughts on “Spot the Stitches?

  1. I absolutely LOVE his lobes, I want them so bad! His other mods suit him very well aswell. I wouldn’t want that many myself, but suits him. :)

  2. Those blow outs are disgusting. You’d think body modification enthusiasts would take better care of their own bodies.

  3. Wait, upon closer inspection I may have just been seeing the second flare on the plugs. Disregard my first comment and since these are in moderation just delete the both of them.

  4. nice mods!

    i dont even like closing my eyes with people around me, sewing my eyes shut would make me panic haha.

  5. wow those are some thick lobes for being so large! How did he keep them so healthy looking?!

    I also like the scarification and the tattoo lines near his ear.

    Pretty much, this guy is very attractive.

  6. Those red lines on his face are tattoos. Nice :D

    Wszędzie sie wciśnie normalnie :)

  7. I’d like to know if he has any special routine to help thicken those beautiful lobes or whether he was just blessed with chubby ones. I downsize, take jewelry out, massage, and baby my lobes. While they are healthy and not thin thin from improper stretching, they sure aren’t like his.


  8. His ears look fantastic although the eyelid sowing thing scares the shit outts me; I get freaked out by other people trying to do my eye makeup, let alone sowing them shut

  9. wow! it’s been said, but his lobes look amazing.

    anyone know who the sew-ee is? he’s positively adorable :) i comment his serious balls.

  10. ja zawsze zastanawiam sie jak to jest umyc twarz z tyloma kolczykami?

    a poza tym – podoba się:)

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