51 thoughts on “The xRonix – 2008

  1. His facial tattoos are absolutely stunning- especially in the second photo (though I’m not sure how to feel about the white stuff on his lobes- moisturizer? haha)

  2. no to gratki panie roni ;)
    “to juz kurwa wiem po chuj mu takie duze tunele…” z pozdrowieniami od mojego brata

  3. I seriously love all his piercings because of the symmetry. It makes me so happy.

  4. ahh sweeet it doesnt look too crowded and they all look healthy which is great :) lovely face

  5. Nice. I hope, you will visit my city Słupsk. My friend is going to go to Łódź to your lessons.

  6. zajebiaszcze kolczyki maasz oby bylo ich wiecej i wiecej ^^ ;][Kocham] :)) mrrrr xD

  7. the simmetry in his face is fantastic
    these piercings work very well on him
    and his ears are amazing, very healthy

  8. Normally I’m not a fan of the face full o’ metal look but oddly, it works on him. Helps that he has a killer face to begin with!

  9. awesome. I really like it ! I love your ears! mm. lovely !
    amazing ! ;* “)

  10. the spirals on the bottom part of his forehead tattoo. what are they ive seen them many times?

  11. xRonix thats a shame Ireland didnt work out :(
    hope everything goes well back in Poland!

    will (from boards.ie)

  12. i’m so impressed with his ears. they look so thick and healthy for being so big.

  13. Ronald on modblog once again. Great couse he makes new mods all the time. I`m always courios what`s new when I visit his photoblog.
    I Hope soon you`ll make new face clouseups couse your new fatial tattoos are pretty nice:)

  14. the first photo really showed an attractiveness, I’ll give him that. His eyes and eye brows; deeply flawless. But wow what a way to creep someone out with ALL that metal

  15. kurcze tak sobie przegladam fotki i nagle zatrzymalem sie na twojej i zastanawialem sie skad ja znam ta twarz :P , widzialem cie w tv chyba i po komentarzach widze ze sie nie mylilem :)

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  17. hej wydaje mi sie ze niedawno siedziales naprzeciwko mnie w autobusie:) w krk 129 na pradnik jechal:D

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