49 thoughts on “Nevermore!

  1. wow.. i really love this tattoo.
    i love the text and the skull and how it goes through the head.
    very nice!!

  2. This is really fantastic. It’s both graphics and text, and all the tattoos look really nice together. I like it a lot!

  3. Wow…that’s so amazing to look at… I love the placement of the words near the skull too… <3

  4. Oh Oh oH it’ s me.. thank you all for the good comment , Pepe is a great artist, he draw the skull freehand in maybe 10 minutes!!!

  5. LarvaHc – Added a link to your Myspace profile, it’s gorgeous (the tattoo, not Myspace).


  6. man, lettering and text is being done to death these days… but i love this composition!

  7. i love these type of tattoos… wish i was brave enough to get sme like this ..:S

  8. LOVE this!
    Such great design, and such a fresh idea for a tattoo. I mean, although skull tattoos have a tendancy to be a bit overdone, I must say that I have a thing for old ink drawings of skulls and such, and this tattoo reminds me of that, and is just done so beautifully that I really couldnt give two shits whether or not a bunch of other people already have skull tattoos.
    And of course, the placement/style of the text is very original. All together this is such an amazing tattoo.
    and the Owl, the owl is great too.
    lovelovelove it.

  9. This is a text tattoo that I love, it’s more than “just” text, it’s taken text and made it visually arresting. Very nice.

  10. i have been a Poe fan for as long as i can remember, with The Raven being one of my alltime favorites. ive been trying to design a Poe tattoo for almost two years, and i saw this and it seriously blew my mind. it is just unbelievable. i wish i could have thought of something like that.

  11. i love how each piece still stands out and really gains alot, it doesn’t loose anything from the other ‘competing’ tattoos. it really has a beautiful flow and i hope he’s incredibly proud to have it 🙂

  12. *Hrmm…pardon the wrong website link in my name. Corrected now.*

    Hah, I just noticed the Simpsons reference down his arm. Gold.

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