Mighty Microdermals

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Microdermal insertion and all that jazz by Morgan of Freak’s Lab Body Kustom, Lyon, France.

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46 thoughts on “Mighty Microdermals

  1. great vid! now i have a better idea of what’s gonna go down when i go to get my microdermals done later this summer!!

  2. In case you didn’t know, when viewing the main News page this article shows up as the following gibberish:

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    DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members
    Microdermal insertion and all that jazz by Morgan of Freak’s Lab Body Kustom, Lyon, France.
    Don’t forget! If you’ve […]

  3. I should add that the movie clip loads just fine once I actually click on ModBlog or the specific article. It just doesn’t show up correctly on the News page.

  4. i couldnt keep my eyes off the way his lobes were jiggling around…mesmerizing
    my bad.

  5. I always wonder why they don’t do a surface bar for double sternum micros.
    guess its just a preference though.

  6. this is worth watching just for the music in the freaking background…. please try to get info about it!

  7. every time again i’m amazed by the amounts of tools some-one can use or the way that they all make it look very hard.. It’s interesting to see that among all of the piercing artists there are maybe a 100 ways that people place them, and althoug its all personal prefrence I still believe that the dermal punch way with no other cutting or scalpeling or whatever people do, is the best way to place them.
    It gives people the most leveled microdermal without traumatising the skin in any other way then the punching hole, which makes the healing so much easier….
    But it’s so interesting to see these differences around the globe

  8. Wow that looked awesome! I’m very new to the BME world and so far have my eyebrow and both ears pierced, now I defiantly want microdermals they are now very high up on my want list!

  9. Interesting video, I don’t think that’s the way my anchors were placed (not that I was watching!). I’m pretty sure the music is Summer 78 by Yann Tiersen. He did the soundtracks for Amélie and Goodbye Lenin, just beautiful.

  10. Libby – Thank you, I think you’re right!

    Also, sorry it’s blurry in places but I didn’t want to chop them out because it would have spoiled the “flow”.

  11. That looked way more traumatic then my experience.

    I loved the looks on the girls face the piercers flapping lobes!

  12. Ouch. This looked a lot more drawn out than when I got mine done.

    And I really wish you could hear what he was saying to her…

  13. Roo, what’s that music!?

    Anyways, I’ve never seen a punch and needle method like that. I’m assuming the needle was used to make extra room for the jewelry? Hmm, interesting.

  14. that girl’s vertical labret is just beautiful! im not keen on microdermals, but im sure it looks good on her

    …aaaaand what was that song’s name? 😀

  15. Wow, I’ve never seen such a simple procedure turned into such a complicated one. I do the same thing in 1/10th the time with a needle and hemostats.

  16. i want dermals exactly like that, but just don’t have the $$$ for it right now. they look great on her, and i love her vert. labret!!

  17. it is more drawn out than when i had my first one done (thats before it ripped out R.I.P)
    my friends cleavage micros took 3 minutes to do both. and the pulling around of the skin trying to get it in….ooooh OUCH

    and yay for the large flapping lobes 😀


  18. Shazam on my IPhone says it’s Yann Tiersen Guillaume Bourgogne and the song title is Mother’s Journey.

    That guy takes forever to do micro dermals.

  19. The song is from “Good Bye Lenin!”. Great movie.
    Song: “Mother’s journey” By Yann Tiersen (Composer), Guillaume Bourgogne (Conductor), Yann Tiersen (Piano, Vibraphone, Violin), Claire Pichet (Vocals)

  20. Hey ! Excellent 🙂 comme ca je peu voir comment tu travaille ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    je vais venir te voir pour mes oreilles !


    bal des supplices

  21. i go with Jlo,
    this is a super long procedure,. i could have placed ten of them in the same time frame, .
    it looks good but seems like you put your clients to a longer procedure then needed

  22. agree with #22 that seemed to be the longest microdermal procedure i’ve seen by far… to each his own but, damn!
    lovely music!!

  23. The music annoyed me after a while and I turned it off, but the video was good.
    It was weird watching the procedure after just having two anchors put into my collarbone/neck area…


  24. That’s crazy stuff.. and makes me miss my vertical labret piercing soooooooooo much.

  25. I agree that this took a long time. These are the videos on youtube that scared me while doing research before getting my microdermal. Mind you, this piercer is a lot cleaner than most of the videos on youtube, but his method still takes a really long time to do. Mine was
    1. punch
    2. pop in jewelry
    3. sit up and not faint
    4. wait for bleeding to subside.

    That was it. It’s been two months and it’s given me less trouble than any of my other piercings, even my lobes.

    Of course some piercers don’t exactly have a ton of clientèle to practice on, but I would still try to make the procedure as short as possible.

    Meh, as others have said, to each his own, as long as it heals, right? And I also like the vertical labret. It suits her face well.

  26. That certainly did take longer than when I got a microdermal in my forearm; I wonder how much of that is piercer familiarity and how large a role placement plays. I’ll find out soon enough, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that certain areas [like the chest, or spots with less fatty tissue] would take slightly longer to clear out room to slide the jewelry itself in.

    And the music choice IS super lovely!

  27. #37 – What’s your concern with iodine as a skin prep if the client has no alergy to it?

  28. I feel like the whole thing took far too long. It seems like he added more steps to the whole thing than are needed. I also agree with Trevor about the iodine. I personally am allergic to it so i think that may be why I am really not a fan of it, but mostly Technicare is just as effective and faster than the 3 swab iodine (30 seconds as appose to 3 minutes).

  29. i believe vendor designs also sometimes complicate insertion. yes they are all designed almost 100% identical, but compare vendors side by side and you’ll see minute differences.. our shop went from 1 vendor to another and it’s been nothing but a pain in our butt.. yeah they go in, but it’s a little more tricky to get..

  30. I’ve had 3 of these done and still have no idea how they are inserted (they are in places I cant see without a mirror) but I am sure it wasnt this long and complex (not to mention painful)

  31. hi there!
    For duration, I haven’t find so excessive.
    Violent and fast being does not give good results.
    To reassure and to be quiet seems to me more effective..
    Anyway, microdermal goes perfectly well and the young lady lived an attractive experience.
    Sometimes faster, for this customer, the stress and the fear obliges certain rhythm.
    I am not there to punish people but to make a quality work…anyway 🙂

    For the iodine, if the person is not allergic, where is the probleme?
    It is an effective and visible antiseptic. In France, most all surgeons use only that and they make party the best in the world lol
    For the fastest body piercer artist…I wait for your videos…. with impatience… :))

    for me ( and it’s not a critic) the needle technic (without punching) sucks..
    Pression of the skin make trouble and difficult healing process.

    Thanks for yours coments, Compare our techniques , share it and progress, it’s the best way 😉


  32. Technicare is visible. If used properly there are suds. I just feel that better safe than sorry is the way to go with allergies. Think about how few people actually read the paper work and just circle no for everything. Its an easy way for them to not answer correctly about allergies. I feel the same way about latex though

  33. i agree with the allergies and i use a other Antiseptic if the iodine is not appropriate.
    it’s the same thing with latex (but works with nitril or vinyl isnot easly 🙁
    I tested Technicare soon but in France it’s dificult to find this one.
    About allergies, i ask also in the beginning of procedural 😉


  34. How many clients to you honestly see in a year that have an iodine alergy? It’s not as common as most piercers have been taught to believe. Honestly, any form of skin prep is great so I’m not arguing that.
    But the whole argument of allergies is a moot point in my opinion. It’s like somebody having an alergy to nuts. They know that and will damn well tell you if you ask, “do you have any known alergies.” If they don’t know they’re alergic to iodine, it’s unlikely they are as they probably haven’t been exposed to it yet in order to form an alergy to it.

    Also keep in mind that Techincare (carelabs) claims to kill what? 99.99999% of bacteria yet they had a huge FDA recall several years ago due to bacteria in its product. Do you mean to tell me the .00000001% of bacteria it doesn’t kill magically found it’s way into the production line? You have to question if effectiveness.

    But again, any form of skin prep that is dispersing bacteria by cleaning in a circular motion is going to do better than no skin prep at all.

    Not looking to bash anybody else as I think different strokes for different strokes and all are likely as effective as the other. Just making conversation.

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