22 thoughts on “Spawn!

  1. roo.. the pic isnt coming up on the screen. just letting ya know. might just b this comp though..

  2. Now THAT is hot! The shape of the knee gives it an awesome look! And who doesn’t love themselves some Aliens?

  3. Is it spawn? It looks like venom to me, which would make sense if it is alien themed.

  4. Ahh Roo, we all know Ripley loves them aliens, how else would she have gotten all those movies made about her??!! :p

    Awesome positioning of the tattoo btw!!

  5. That looks amazing,
    and I don’t think it would work anywhere else, PERFECT placement.

  6. Oh, it came up on MY screen just FINE. And then I jumped about 3 feet out of my chair!


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