41 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. wow. wicked picture. she’s very attractive…….i love the vintage setup and i’m espically jealous of her classic 16 mm bolex camera. hmmmm what i would love to shoot with her and that camera. i’m seeing a silent film on how to hoola hoop.

  2. All the vintage touches make me swoon. Haha.

    The bridge and labret suit her. (At least I think I see a bridge piercing.)

  3. Is this MODblog??? I didn’t know it had become WALLPAPERblog and BOXblog and CAMERAblog and OLDCHAIRblog.

    Sometimes it seems like the new management on this site is actually trying to wreck it. Lame, lame, lame. Always lame.

    No point in commenting on the mods since they are only a few pixels across.

  4. i love how everyone acts like shannon never put someone up just because they were hot-the picture was cool-he felt like it.

    she has mods, she has an iam page. why shouldn’t it be here?

  5. Angry Swede – She belongs here for the same reason we all belong here: (1) Because she is modified, (2) Because we support each other without judgment, an elitist attitude or an ounce of scorn (hopefully).

    If you’d like something to comment on try this entry, or this entry. Or even this entry. Any thoughts?

  6. I like her shirt! Mods are cool too. I’m not heavily modded. I only have my ears pierced and a couple tattoos and yet I feel like I count too so…yeah.

  7. who are we to pass judgement on what modblog is about or should or shouldn’t allow in their content? it has been said many times before, if you don’t like it then do better and make your own blog. you’ll have my respect for even making the attempt.

    let us remember that someone with a full suit is no less important than someone with a rose on their ass. likewise a photo with one mod is no less valid than one with many.

    its ok angry swede. you’ll understand in due time.

  8. Shannon did it all the fucking time. Get some fucking balls of your own, and stop sucking on Shannon’s.

    You’re all pathetic. Roo is doing a might job, as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Oh you people should just stop whining. She’s modified and gorgeous, she belongs here.

  10. What the hell is the deal with people recently? I keep wondering if people are actually complaining or just taking the mick, it’s so ridiculous.

    I originally came down to comment that I don’t know if I want to marry this girl or be her.

  11. the top she’s wearing! would love to know where its from. and a close up of the tattoo too

  12. beautiful picture, beautiful girl and also beautiful piercinx. I want also a Bridge… 🙁


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