20 thoughts on “Star Spangled Bummer

  1. i love it except for the six stars right by the crack. maybe it’s the lighting (or lack thereof har har) but it makes the design look kind of messy. but otherwise, i think it’s really cool and complements her shape well.

  2. cool tattoo and i think its a dude. girls use scrunchies for their hair so it doesnt dammage it. this person is using rubber bands. My tv watching ala CSI is paying off!

  3. kate kate kate…..and i was feeling so brainy. thanks for ruining that…. :p

  4. I love the over all shape and flow to the piece, but I’m curious as to what’s on his left shoulder blade…

    I’m really more intrigued by the gorgeous scenery. I know I’d love to be on that porch/deck

  5. ok, so its a dude. how the heck do you stay that hairless? believe me! if that was me up there in the buff you’d think my butt was 2 NBA players from the 70′s. i gots me some hair! hence the word “ape” in my name. it would seem shaving the whole body to come off like that would be a major ordeal and take a partner to to do it?
    so, just to re-cap if i ever get my butt tattooed i will post it here immeadiatly after! other wise in a few days the tattoo wil be gone…..lost in a see of fuzzzzz………

  6. it looks like a chick but the fact that u can see a bit of a scrotal ring??

  7. as usual, i dont give a fuck what the persons sex or gender is (cuz in case yall forgot, those arent synonyms).
    i just think its a rad picture. we is toooo used to skinny bitches up is heeeahhhh ;) thanks roo.

  8. That’s awesome. Not overly keen on the stars, but it’s a brave man that gets his butt out for needlework.

  9. Speedoape: I think the fact that it is tagged as “BMEboys” gave it away even more than the rubber band did…

  10. guy.. girl… now gay..???

    I love the way the tattoo work looks with the position he is standing in- it curves on the back so beautifully.

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