42 thoughts on “A “Chunk” Of Baby Ruth?

  1. Oh me GADS that is definitely the most awesomest tattoo I’ve seen in a loooong time.

  2. Chunk prefer’s Rocky Road to Baby Ruth!


  3. It’s “before my time” but I definitely know what it is ;] So many viewings of that movie, ahhh!

  4. omg how can they say that’s “before their time”? The kids I work with (12-15) still get it when I say HEEYY YOOOOOU GUYYYS!

    Either way, great tat. It makes me feel all warm inside <3

  5. It’s a well done tattoo, but I didn’t understand what or who it was portraying when I looked at it. I’ve seen the movie, though, and understood after I saw the Baby Ruth and the title.
    Maybe I’m just not being abstract enough this morning?

  6. That is just fantastic, I love it! I was just talking about The Goonies the other day; and how it would be on my list of movies to have on a deserted Island.

  7. i get that the people posted have modifications and i get that they are community members and everyone counts and i get that this is a cute reminder of childhood and i’m not complaining because i like seeing this. but how about for every one of these sort of pictures that there was a top-quality tattoo photo as well? like good pictures of good modifications, not just good pictures of good people. if that is not the focus of this blog maybe someone can recommend a tattoo blog that is just about top quality work.

  8. Bernhard, all ModBlog images are taken from BME submissions, so if what’s being posted here isn’t quite to your liking, we have hundreds of thousands of pictures in our galleries to peruse as well.

  9. When i become supreme overlord (shortly after communism comes back into fashion) then i shall decree that Goonies be added into the educational system to teach children the true meanings of friendship.

  10. hahaha yeah roooth? Baby? ROOTH BABY? I chuckled over this for quite some time, before explaining to my partner what it meant…..she needs to be educated, must get out special edition dvd!

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  12. Here we are
    Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
    Break the chain then we break down
    Oh it’s not real if you don’t feel it
    Unspoken expectations
    Ideals you used to play with
    They’ve finally taken shape for us.

  13. I had no idea what this was until you explained it.

    Goonies isn’t ‘past my time’ at all… but it isn’t a very good representation of Sloth, and the leetspeak ‘U’ completely pulls away from the image too.

    I thought it was some sort of ragdoll character or possibly Zippy the Pinhead.

    Not a fan.

  14. WHA!? Before their time?! That movie is ageless! It’s sad when kids don’t know good classics… though older generations say the same thing about us haha

    That is an adorable tattoo, I’d sport that in a heart beat

  15. I didn’t get it at first because it doesn’t really look like Chunk.

    Before your time? Bullshit. It came out before I was born and I’ve still seen it.

  16. That is TOO Sloth and that isn’t hard too see… from the floppy ears, the offset eyes, to the slightly pointed head.
    The U, that’s the point, Sloth wouldn’t use proper grammar or spelling, HELLO???
    It fits with the character, it fits with size of the tat, and it fits the style of the Tat.
    I Love everything about it… from the ink down to the professional look of the photo. This easily ranks among the top 10 on this site.
    There always has to be a critic (usually someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about) maybe you should learn a little more about art.

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