22 thoughts on “Monkey Meat

  1. he needs to shave so fucking badly, i nearly dry heaved when i saw that.


    good luck getting any chick (or dude) to go near your cock in its current state, man.

  2. Woah b, chill. XD Just because he doesn’t have a naked penis doesn’t mean he’s gross. I’d go near that cock haha.

    What I worry about is his forearms. Ouch! They aren’t normally that color are they? Haha

  3. I think I’d be happy to approach the penis of a man brave enough to do that suspension! A man’s measure isn’t by his hair, but by his heart!

  4. PENIS!!! woooo!!!

    Heres the thing… if theyve got a bush like that, all they get is head…. No balls in mouth humm alongs for him!

    SOrry. I’m on ambien and doing that weird stuff while you’re on it…

  5. Looks like pretty fine cock to me. Not all us gals (and guys) want a pubic area that resembles that of a pre-pubescent boy. And vice-versa.

    With regards to suspension – its something I have yet to get my head around. Does it release a massive amount of endorphins, or something like that…? Looks pretty damn painful!

  6. He really isn’t that hairy and as long as he’s clean, it’s not a problem. Hair is natural, whatever. Also, is that an uncircumcised penis? Hurrah for foreskin!

    That suspension looks pretty painful, though.

  7. He has an Apollo’s belt.

    He’s either hiding his lack of weight, or hiding his muscle.

    That or he’s just a freak with a normal body and a Apollo’s belt

  8. An Apollo’s Belt is that hot as fuck V cut that makes women have to change their panties heheheh :D.

    Oh god though that suspension looks painful…. but it’s definitely different!

  9. zomg, my penis on ze internets! =P

    The suspension experience was AWESOME, not as uncomfortable as it might look in this photo. The most annoying thing were the dozens & dozens of mosquitoes that were feeding off me while my arms were locked & I couldn’t swat. Don’t know why my forearms turned purple but they felt fine for the whole duration.

    More pictures on my iam page. (b. you might not want to look, there is more mnkybush there…)

    Much thanks to Toddy for hooking me up, & Jade & Amir for taking photos.

    3rd Modblog feature, OOH YEAH!

  10. 1. More winky shots, please. Those of us who are female (or gay males) enjoy a little eye candy to spice up our otherwise humdrum existences.
    2. Re shaved ‘junk’ – everyone’s got different opinions and preferences. As much as a shaved crotch makes performing oral easier to do, it’s still not as much fun. Hairy playground = masculinity and virility, in some of our minds. I, for one, am willing to put up with the minor inconvenience of the logistics of the hair for the ‘head rush’ (no pun intended) of having it there in the first place. And do not think that the balls of hairy guys do NOT get sucked. PS, have you ever had to deal with razor burn after shaving? NOT fun – at all.

  11. This suspension looks odd but cool. The intact penis is great and even though I prefer shaved/trimmed this works for him. That stomach is amazing.

  12. the guys got pride!! nothing wrong with not being shaved, but trim a little maybe?

    and his forearms make me wince…*wince*

  13. The first time I was with a shaved guy I thought nothing but gross things. Hair is way better. Shaved guys turn me so off.

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