New as the dawn into the light

My son was born today (22nd of June) at 4:35 p.m. He is 7lbs 8oz of good old fashion baby! I am so stoked to be a daddy and I’m pretty sure my kid is the cutest thing that ever walked or will walk, soon enough! His name is Tieran and it was kind of a hell of a ride getting him out, scary shit! I can’t wait for him to come home so I can give him all the lovin’ in the world!

sodapop (well, the “pop” part is true now), his son Tieran and a brand new grandma!

23 thoughts on “New as the dawn into the light

  1. Haha- I love the paparazzi-fending motion the kid is making! Pure gold.

  2. congratulations! :)

    eeek, i always love seeing modded parents.
    not that mods have much to do with parenting skills, but i still lay the claim to modded-parent-superiority anyway.

  3. 3Kg 400, it’s a beautiful baby!
    his name is great too.
    Agree with kaitlee , the look “paparazy style” is great !

    *My wife is pregnant and my little girl coming soon :)*

  4. Wow, that is indeed a very young- and awsome-looking grandma! before I read on, I thought it was the mommy!

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