So Lucky!

I always feel so lucky to be a living canvas for such amazing artistry and then to have it captured so beautifully! I just wanted to share the names behind the work with people who would appreciate it..

Photos by Briscoe Savoy, leg tattoos by Dave C. Wallin of Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn, NY and the torso work by Needles at East Side Ink in Manhattan.

19 thoughts on “So Lucky!

  1. that’s really beautiful!! this is definately the kind of stuff that makes me happy to read modblog. i believe this ws posted a while back, also showing the front, which is very lovely as well. i’m going to see if i can dig up that post!!!

  2. is that diamond symbol thing a scarification piece? it almost looks lumpy and doesn’t look like an intentional part of the design..

  3. I won’t out her name since I am guessing it is intentionally left out but as Shawn said she is incredibly beautiful and a wonderful person to match her art.

    @9 That is scarification and intentional. I had the honor of cutting part of it as part of a performance.

  4. Breathtaking, phenomenal — I’m in awe…. there are no words… just… wow.

  5. I thought those clouds and lighting looked familiar and the scar just gave it away. She is a rad person.

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