16 thoughts on “Seeding the Sow, With Love.

  1. HaHaHa. I so love this. Love the expressions on their faces, and the eyelashes and lipstick on the lady pig. Also like the heading and Roo’s comment. Thanks Roo, I really needed a good laugh today. I’ve made this my screensaver for a while.

  2. i love thiss

    a frind of mine has a shirt with the same motivo,
    but the girl piggies face is more adorable at that shirt..

  3. Moonchild: It would be ‘exploitation’ if the person pictured was actually touching, hurting or…whatever to the pig.I question the word exploitation because pigs are slaughtered on a pretty normal business, and it doesn’t really deserve the term exploitation in my eyes. But anyway.
    It’s a tattoo. Animals are pretty much adjusted to this anyways, considering that a lot of mating is rather forceful. Believe me – I lived on a farm for a few years as a kid. I saw plenty of duck rape.
    Don’t think I’m insensitive to the issue. I’m a vegetarian. ..but a practical one, I like to think. And considering this tattoo exploitation’is a bit of an overreaction.

    But! What I was going to say before I saw that comic was, this made me giddy, which I really need right now. Glad to see that humor is still prevalent.:]

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