Noughts and Crosses

I never win at noughts and crosses, but this tattoo battle between Bobby Spencer (on his own leg) and Jaclyn Loshaw (both from Dragon FX) definitely wins!

PS – Bobby lost.

17 thoughts on “Noughts and Crosses

  1. That’s not JesseV’s tattoo. That tattoo was done between Bobby Spencer and Jaclyn Loshaw at Dragon FX and Bobby lost to Jaclyn on his own leg. Check out my iam diary entries.


  2. ya i was diffently tattooing my self not no jessev

    ps sorry my lines are not perfect im apprenticing and tattooed my own leg thanks dick

  3. Lane/Bobby – That’s strange, the submission was definitely credited to JesseV. I’ve edited entry :)

  4. I’m hoping I know the people at Thrive A LOT better than I think…
    I THINK Jesse doesn’t tattoo – if he does, I’m officially horrible!


  5. It’s called “boter, kaas en eieren” here. Translates to butter, cheese and eggs ;)

    Funny tatt :)

  6. I’ve never gotten the whole ‘Tic, Tac, Toe’ thing, Noughts and Crosses makes far more sense!

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