31 thoughts on “I Smell Gas.

  1. Do I need a gas mask?
    Should I get inoculated?
    Will this war last?
    Will we be incincerated?
    False gods
    Death squads

  2. Cool tat, I have a question though. Whats the deal with all the swastikas in tattoos these days? Is there this big “white power” thing no one told me about, or is it like some kind of “reclaiming the swastika” movement thing im missing?…of course it could just be compleetely random too but I was just curious… I feel like im missing something every time I see one.

  3. hah, such an appropriate place for a gas mask tattoo. so I take it he has smelly feet?

  4. #6 – Simply reclaiming the true meaning behind the symbol. It was once a powerful and positive symbol then it was portrayed in a (very much so) negative time through history, people are just trying to uncover what was lost before those times.

  5. OOO foot tattoo! i have a quest about foot tattoos. i really wanna get x’s tattoo’d on the top of my feet and was just wondering how the healing holds up and if they fade away. great tattoo :)

  6. the whole swastika thing to me seems like a really empty cause. it’s like… ok let me try to defend something that i pretend means something to me. i find it hard to believe that like everyone in the mod world finds a deep spiritual connection to the fucking swastika. it’s obviously a fad… i don’t care what anyone else says.

  7. i like this a lot! nicely placed..

    and B…. er, if you don’t care what anyone else says, what makes you think anyone cares about what you have to say :/

    maybe not everyone in the mod world finds a deep connection with it…big whoop.

  8. The swastika was a symbol of peace for centuries before the Nazis (mis)used it. Anyway, this is a really good tattoo. I love it.

  9. *15

    i get what your saying 100%, but still don’t you think the swastika is now (although yes, its wrong but its still has) an affiliation with the Nazis, therefore is it not worth accepting its a lost cause and avoiding white power stigmatism and keeping what the majority if people, lesser informed or not believe to be what it is.

    i hate to be judged as much as the next person but if a person judged me because of my tattoos then thats their loss but if i had a tattoo of a swastika and someone judged me on the content of the tattoo i wouldn’t see that as unreasonable

    ah i hate to get away from the awesomeness of this tattoo but the subject of white power is an ever rolling ball

    nice work!

  10. @ B: some people really do dig what the swastika is all about, most i think just love the symbol, after all its a very cool simple symbol that has been ruined by a few years of use by some nut jobs.

    It would be the same if in 30 years some hate-filled government used the ‘love-heart’ as their symbol and then went on to start a few wars and kill lots of people for no reason.

    50 years after that party were taken out of power by force the love-heart would be used again and people would misunderstand the use.

  11. B-negative and narrow minded posts like that aren’t needed here.the swastika “fad” you speak of is it’s wearers personal preference.if it’s not your cup of tea,that’s perfectly fine,but you don’t need to come here and bash people who are into it and support the original meaning of the symbol.

  12. i agree with you posikenin.
    everybody has a reason for what they love and i dont think it is anyones business to question it in such a fashion as you did B. no one knows the history people have in regards to symbols and meanings, just like me, a jewish girl who has swastika tattoo’s all over my thighs, which means a hell of a lot to me.
    in regards to the swastika symbol (that has been a topic of confusion since is misuse) i think its quite brave to be able to have your own personal views of positivity and acknolwedgement despite the large mogority of people who are still unaware of its real meaning, risking possible critisism and even anger from others.
    good on him for putting it out there for the world to see and being brave enough to carry whatever comes with it. i love this tattoo, i love it for the swastika and for the refrence to the BME logo. very nice!

  13. I’m this guy, who has this tattoo on his foots. I love my tattoo espeacially the swastika. I’m honoured to have this symbol on my body and I hope one day the people knows the true about this symbol. I’m still antiracist/antifascist and if someone thinks that the swastika means white power or this other fuckin’ bullshit, he is a idiot. thx for all who said that he/she loves my tatto:-)


    ps: I am from Italy and only 18 so if there are mistakes in this text, I’m sorry :-)

  14. I can see the argument for reclaiming the swastika — it’s not something I personally see the point of, but if someone wants to deal with the people who will react negatively, hoping to educate each person one at a time, well, more power to them.

    The juxtaposition of the swastika and the gas mask in this tattoo, however, strikes me as a poor choice. My chain of thought goes something like swastika + gas mask –> Nazis + gas chambers. I doubt I’m the only one who will see that connection, either.

    But it’s your feet, it’s your problem if people are offended.

    There have been people trying since the 1940s to “rehabilitate” the swastika — it hasn’t worked yet, and it will take a lot more than some dubious tattoos to make that happen. Moreover, I wonder if the swastika can ever be changed, as a symbol, in a European context. When we see it painted on a temple in the Himalayas, or woven into a Native American blanket, there isn’t any doubt about what it is conveying.

    On a tattoo on a white European, there is a lot of doubt about its meaning, and there always will be, I think. The context of the swastika in Europe is not that of a thousand-year-old-symbol of peace; it has the symbolism of the Nazis and their fascist allies in the 1930s and 1940s.

  15. @ AB

    I hope you know that I’m NOT a nazi…

    I’ll tell you why I’ve made this tattoo… The swastika means for me happieness, luck and also a little bit security. the other thing is the gas mask, I want this because I think we live in a gasmask-world. a fried of me said one time in german: Gasmaskennatur kauft gasmasken, denn die sind unsere zukunft —>in english means, gasmasknature buys gasmasks, because they are our future…

    hmmmm the original motive of this BME logo was the doctor. what you think, if I made this logo with the swastika? also that it’s a nazitattoo cause it means the doctor mengel who has made projects on human judish people?!?!?!

    if somebody don’t knows why I’ve made this tattoo I’ll tell him, but if I told him why and he thinks that I’m a nazi, i dpn’t understand why he asked me this question…


  16. i think this looks really tight and was EXTREMELY well done however i bite my tongue on bringing back the swastika. it is obviously affiliated with a terrible, terrible time of the past so i don’t know why you’d go into getting it when you know you are going to offend a huge group of people. but hey glad you did what your heart wanted and i respect it but it becoming a fad is so obscure to me.

  17. I’m with AB on this one!

    I can understand people who try to reclaim the symbol, but the combination with the gasmask is of VERY poor taste.

    Most people won’t know the BME-logo, all they’ll see is swastika+gasmask=pro nazi

    I’m glad to hear the wearer isn’t a neo-nazi! If i were him, i’d tattoo an explanation in text next to it.

  18. If I’m a nazi, why I’ll make this swastika and not the “original nazi-swastika”? ;-) I hope that nobody else thinks that I’m a nazi…



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