Like Father, Like Sons?

I’m afraid I don’t have much information on this photo, other than the boys pledged allegiance to the edge and sealed the deal with a firm handshake from their father.

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  1. I think they’ll be very cool when they’re a bit older :) nice picture anyway!

  2. haha, when they get to be in their teens they’ll rebel by wearing conservative semi-casual clothing and a side-part in their hair.

  3. this is absolutely adorable as a whole.

    the father seems (and looks) amazing and his kids are absolutely fucking adorable.

  4. That’s a lot of y-shooting, and they all look the same! I’ve got a lot of x-shooting going on over here, wonder what kind of photo I could come up with that. :D

  5. *edit* – my autofiller is sucking!

    That’s a lot of y-shooting, and they all look the same! I’ve got a lot of x-shooting going on over here, wonder what kind of photo I could come up with that. :D

  6. i really like how their mohawks are almost invisible till the tips.

    very awesome.shot

  7. I can’t help but focus on the gnarly fat roll on the back of the dad’s neck… is it wrong that I’m high as hell and find a straight edge photo hilarious?

  8. Those kids are too cute! haha! that is definitely one approach to TRYING to keep your kids clean. Certainly slightly better than the talk I got from my parents…………

  9. Why do I get the sick feeling that dog the bounty hunter is in the same bloodline?

  10. So he’s forcing his beliefs on his young and impressionable kids?

    Whatever floats your boat, lol

  11. i wouldn’t describe it as bad and wrong
    it’s no different from parents dressing their kids in a more “sociably presentable” child type of way
    at lease these kids will probably grow up to be more aware of acceptable of other people

  12. I like this photo, except that it seems like this particular straightedge scene is motivated by Christianity (note the cross on the kid on the left), and I hate what religion has done to the idea of straightedge.

  13. The day I meet a straight ede person who doesn’t look down on me is the moment I’ll have respect for edge kids. Thus far, everyone I’ve met who classifies them selves as “edge” has been nothing than rude to me for having different beliefs. I just can’t get behind that. By no means am I saying that all straight edge people are this way, but being treated like that time and time again has led me to be a bit prejudice.

  14. I grew up clean without even knowing what straight edge was, and now I do consider myself edge, but there is a wide variation of edge people and beliefs. I’m looked down on sometimes because I drink coffee sometimes, or soda, and I will go out the the bars and clubs – even though I go to socialize or play pool. I never quite got why someone would want to get drunk or do drugs, it simply doesn’t click with me, but, I don’t really care what someone else wants to do with themselves. I won’t have a relationship with them, but that’s because I don’t want it around me. I don’t see it as a religious thing, but I have never heard of edge in church so maybe some churches are doing that now – I dunno. Cute pic though, it’s nice to see kids with some variety in their lives.

  15. the boys look like Ben from Friends. :x

    i’m interested in seeing “this” generations children. i’ve always seen my potential children whining to me about how they DON’T want piercings and tattoos and that they want to dye their hair blonde or brown.

    “all my FRIENDS have blonde hair, ma! please?”
    “oh, so if your FRIENDS jumped off a cliff would you as well?”
    “but ma…”


  16. ugh, fuck straightedge. teaching others to fear and stay away from something other than letting them make decisions and learn self control.

  17. Eh. I don’t like when parents enforce or encourage stuff that originated out of individualist ideas. I mean, I know that mohawks and all of punk fashion is just that- fashion, but at some point it began as a way to be original and it meant something and its just painfully ironic when something like that becomes just another standard for parents to pass onto children. And the straight edge thing, I’m divided on. Tell your kids about drugs, why you don’t want them to do them, what trouble they will be in if they do them, the interesting culture straight edge emerged from, whatever, but the pledge thing is weird. I don’t like pledges, whether it is to a flag, to keep virginity, or against drugs. You are who you are only in this very second, who you will be, your morals, your desires could change (probably will) down the road, so to try and tie yourself down to who you are in this instant seems silly. Sorry about the faux-semi-philosophy rant.

  18. Those kids have awesome fucking hair!

    Jellyfish- maybe they WANTED their hair like that, and maybe they WANTED to become straight edge. Hm? HMMM? Yeah. Plenty of little kids now, at least around here, have mohawks. Don’t pass judgment like that when you don’t even know them or any of the story behind this photo!

  19. This is so cute! XD When I was 12, my madre began taking me for earrings as long as I followed the aftercare and stayed clean. 9 years later, and still sXe; she says she’d much rather have a kid with ink and metal over one addicted to something. Never a single negative peep about any of it. She loved and accepted me despite whatever I did, and gave me support and strength to say no to the pressures of adolescence. To make my own choices. ^_^

  20. If they wanted it on their own they would make a pledge to themselves, not their dad. Maybe they did want their hair like that completely on their own. And maybe their dad did. I was speaking in more general terms.

  21. I think it’s a nice photo whether or not it’s about straight edge (I didn’t even knew what it was til recently!).

    Nice photo, cool kids! =]

  22. Killaya – Little kids aren’t old enough to decide whether they want to abstain from drugs or alcohol.

    but also, deciding to stay away from soft drugs like marijuana and alcohol without trying them is a lot different from saying you want to stay away from drugs that have obvious negative effects and hardcore addictions like crack and heroin

  23. where are there references to sXe in the photo? i don’t see any XXX tattoos or anything… you’d think the kids would at least be X’d up on their hands or something. inventive roo?

  24. I think it’s hilarious that one of the tags is “Kids and Animals”.

    Because they are, really, two in the same. lol

  25. … bradly that’s retarded.

    Awesome that the kids get to express themselves how they want. The boys with matching hair remind me of when I would dress the same as my sisters when I was a kid.

  26. Man, I’m Edge and I get why people have some hate for the lifestyle since it’s represented by gangs of cretins pretty often, but I have to say that it’s not cool to ask kids to say they’ll be edge when they have no idea what they’re really saying. Kids with ‘hawks are rad though, haha.

  27. Kind of ridiculous. I think every kid that went through DARE said they would never do drugs. Now how many of them broke the DARE pledge? Most if not all. The kids don’t even know what drugs and alcohol are, how could they pledge against that? Bullshit if you ask me, just wait till they get their first bump, haha.

  28. This is an awesome picture. Talk shit about edge, and you’re just as bad as the edge kids who talk shit about you. Both fucking stupid. Straight edge saved my life. Granted, I’m not anymore, But i’d probably be dead right now if it wasn’t for me being edge for 7 years. I hate when people talk shit about any lifestyle.

    Lets kids pledge what they want. What if they do stick with it? Doesn’t seem bad to me.

  29. Edge = Needs to smoke a joint.
    Fer reals.
    Emo kids with tight pants, that are 16, who have never had a job are straight edge. Sorry but the movement has fallen flat on it’s face. Hard.

  30. I can’t really say anything bad about this picture. Sure, I think being ‘edge’ is stupid, but I can’t fault someone for being ‘edge’. In reality, I just see this as a picture of a father telling his kids not to get involved with drugs or alcohol. It’s commendable, really.

  31. #49 …because alcohol and marijuana clearly have no negative side effects, and there’s no such thing as alcoholism (or people who sit around baked all day doing nothing, for that matter)?

  32. I like the picture and think the kids are cute but pledging to anything that the parents follow smacks of religious indoctrination and can fuck up the thought process throughout life.

  33. Bear with me here, i do have a point. When i was younger, about 12, i went to a christian outdoor activity centre for a couple of weeks in the summer and i loved it…. mainly for the activity stuff but we had prayer sessions each night and the more i was forced to go to them the more i felt it was normal. By the end of 2 weeks i swore to the christian lifestyle… at 12. By the time I was 13 i had a whole different set of beliefs and have never gone back to the christian ways, i’m now into my late 20′s.

    I think my point here really is that whatever you are told as a kid you believe untill you start to gain your own mind…. and when you do make your own decisions people should respect them. So what if these kids are sraight edge at 9 (or however old they are), give them time to learn and develop to become their own people. Their dad looks like the sort of guy who would respect the decisions they will make in the future… and for now it’s a really sweet photoshoot.


  34. #64 Alcohol and Marijuana are harder to get addicted to than the hard drugs, you’re not going to get physically hooked to weed or booze after one puff, or one sip, it’s why they’re called ‘soft’ drugs

  35. For all you who think that him teaching his kids to live with out drugs, alcohol, or smoking is wrong – stop projecting. What parents wants their kids to think that doing drugs is okay? To me, it’s just like raising vegan or vegetarian kids. Granted it might not work in the long run, but at least the parent tried to teach their kids a healthy lifestyle.

    And just because the kid is wearing a cross doesn’t necessarily mean them being straight edge has anything to do with Christianity. Lots of people wear crosses that don’t believe in God. They are after all, ancient torture devices.

  36. “#49 …because alcohol and marijuana clearly have no negative side effects, and there’s no such thing as alcoholism (or people who sit around baked all day doing nothing, for that matter)?”

    just because some people choose to abuse bud and booze drugs doesn’t mean their bad. Using drugs is fine, as long as it’s in moderation and in a responsible way…

    plenty of people go out for a couple beers or smoke a couple bowls after work

    if you smoke responsibly, there will be little to no negative side effects other than spending all your money on doritos and mountain dew :P

  37. well, great. don’t we all just love a healthy dose of indoctrination, with a side of dressing your kids up like morons! don’t get me wrong, I can respect edge a little bit. it’s just that for real, they don’t know shit enough to claim when they’re like 8.

    I don’t hate the edgers at all, in fact I’ve smoked weed/drank/done k with just about all of the ones I know :D

  38. Thumb wars people! Thumb wars!

    Can we just agree that no matter which side you’re on, edge or not, we all hate one thing,

    When either side decides to get self righteous and force feed others. Its instinct to throw it up anyways.

  39. Awww I think it’s a really cute picture, I love their hawks.
    I myself am edge and think it’s a good thing for kids to have that as atleast an option to them.
    Granted like a few people said their too young to really make that choice right now, but hey you never know.
    I work with a girl who is 18 years and has never even had a cigarette.
    Everyone’s different, and I would of thought a place like this everyone could just except one another.
    I mean I can’t speak for everyone here, but for most of us I know we don’t like to be judged.
    So why judge these people.

  40. If you think alcohol is a “soft” drug, you’re obviously not the child of an abusive alcoholic parent.

    If anything, alcohol is WORSE than cigarettes and pot.

    Ugh, I think alcoholics should have their children taken away. My childhood was a HELL because of alcohol.

    I’d rather have a straight edge parent forcing me to be edge than an angry drunk parent smacking me around any day.

  41. Why is it that anytime Straight Edge is mentioned on an internet community that people jump on it and hate as much as they can? There was nothing negative said toward any parties in the title or following description. Is it that there is some sort of intimidation seeing those specific words?

  42. #23
    Yea, you’re probably right. Parents who let their kids have mohawks commonly take their kids to get tattoos at age twelve. *shakes head*
    They don’t even have their lobes pierced!!
    C’mon now…

    This picture is awesome. Hands down.

  43. Wow. You people are fucking ridiculous.

    They are kids. He is their dad. Of course they are going to think anything he does awesome! Its what kids do. My siblings(the oldest is 10, the youngest are 3) love my tattoo and piercings. If kids have a positive influnece in their lives, that has tattoos or piercings, then of course they are gonna be more acceptable of body modifications. And if they are at the impressionable stage, they are going to try to imitate as best they can. I recently visited my aunt’s house, where my young cousin(who is 4) had taken a teething ring, and cliped in on her nose to imitate my septum. My little brothers recently decided, completely on their own, that they wanted mohawks. Was it my influence over them? Sure. But it was their decision.

    Kids copy their parents. Kids copy adult influences in their lives. Its just what they do. Bitching that these kids want to be sXe just because their father is is stupid. Would you rather here that they are all out doing heroin because their father does it? I’m not sXe by any means but I’d rather here that my kids are going out pledging edge, than doing drugs.

    Also, thanks for bitching about sXe and reaffirming what people think of modified people. I love nothing more than hearing how everyone in this community is a drug addled freak. Thanks guys.

    Also, @51, so freaking true! lol

  44. I think this pics is amazing. It obviously shows that the father is a large enough influence in their life that they want to be just like them. In this day and age any father or mother that is devoted to their children, I give all the credit in the world.

  45. Emaline: Most of the distaste was with the perceived notion of their father forcing his belief onto his kids.

    personally I like the kids on his knee’s hair.

  46. “one two three four, i declare a thumb war. five six seven eight, IUSETHISHANDTOMASTURBATEHAHAHAHA”

    also, regardless of indoctrination or whether or not straight edge is dumb, i hope these kids fully understand how to act if they one day decide to break edge. as in, they had better know how to use a condom properly.

  47. I’m definitely amazed at how negative a lot of the comments have been.

    Kids and their father, relatively nice photograph. Problem? I can’t see any.

    People spend way too much time being negative because they choose to not understand what might be going on through the mind of someone who holds an opposing view. I can’t relate to the majority of edge kids because I don’t care about crews, who broke edge, or what have you. On the flip side, I really can’t relate to people who are content with killing themselves with substances. Petty bickering just gets you deeper in the hole you’ve been digging for yourself.

  48. Oh god
    Rooooo your just stiring up people here

    Obviously everyone needs to chill the hell out
    its a photo.

    Parents are not PRESSUING kids to do that.
    I bet they just look up to their father.

    There is no differnece of ‘regular people’ telling their kids to wear dress shirts
    AT ALL.

    Everyone just stay out of their buisness
    appriciate the photo
    and smile :]

  49. who cares if the kids want to be like their dad? next thing you know, there will be parents out there reading books…. and children… reading books….. and it will be… *THE BIGGEST SCANDAL*…. and all of the naysayers…. will rebel against their book reading parents…. and become stupid…. and then they will just be: stupid. and…. wait, i stopped reading books so long ago that i don’t know what’s next… nevermind my “and then”.

    its a freaking picture with fake tattoos and bandanas that you can buy at any wal-mart or craft store that not only gang bangers wear. and a lot of people use freaking hair gel, and who cares if the kids are wearing kids’ dickies work pants and spikey bracelets that you can find virtually anywhere or even make from the comfort of your own home. and i KNOW y’all ain’t dissin’ the 80s sunglasses on the kid kneeling down….

    geez… it looks like they could’ve been playing cowboys and indians, except the cowboys would be replaced with bikers… bikers and indians…. does anyone else think this resembles a halloween photo? maybe the kids have gone viciously wild because their soul was captured by a photo of them playing a masculine form of “dress up”, and they went around smashing pumpkins and leaving the meat in the road so that a motocyclist can drive over it, his bike will skid, and the kids can then steal his bike.

    this isn’t the freaking early 1900s. kids aren’t bad because they’re starving or living out on the streets like they were in the 5 burroughs. they’re bad because they have shitty fucking parents, and a parent willing to help out with the healthy play of sons isn’t a bad fucking parent. it’s just a god damn picture.

    five, six, seven, eight, i’ll make yo’ thumb appreciate.

  50. Maybe this will be more valid, considering it has a bit of a fucked up story behind it.

    I knew a kid who was raised by a single dad who was the most fucked up dictator straightxedge asshole ever. He was in jail for 6 years for killing a guy in a pool hall with a kitana for smoking a cigarette in the pool hall, where it was allowed. He tried to justify it by saying that the guy was “trying” to kill him, with secondhand smoke, so it was self defense. So this guy raised his kid like that, millitantly straightedge. Well, when this “kid” was about 19, his dad found out that his kid tried pot. He kicked him out of his house, and totally disowned him. Even stopped answering the payphone and collect calls. Well, this kid eventually killed himself after not being able to get through to his dad in any way, literally. He even tried to visit once, and he was threatened to get off his dad’s property or he’d call the cops. The kid never even did another drug or took a sip of beer other than getting stoned that one time. So, after the kid killed himself, the dad realized the err of his ways, and then jumped to the other extreme. He became addicted to heroin and that is now his life. Wake up, get high, get drugs, get high, sleep, get high, etc etc. It’s the only way he can get his mind away from the pain he caused himself, by pretty much driving his own son to suicide.

    Moral of the story? Be there for your kids, no matter what decisions they make, whether or not you agree with them. My parents are awesome. My dad was raised mormon, my mom catholic, and they didn’t let anything get in the way of loving their kids. I’m not going to get into it, but my parents disagree with some aspects of my life, but they don’t care because they love and respect me regardless.

    Don’t ever let anything get in the way of your love for your kids.

    Hah, I know that was extreme, but I wanted to try and voice my opinion on forcing anything on your kids. You can force them to do whatever, but if they don’t want that for themselves, don’t let them think you don’t love them because of it.

    Oh and “alternative” parents, don’t try to make your kids wierd. It just makes you look stupid. Hahahha. Not saying this is the case with this particular family, but if you have more than 2 kids and all of them look like little jonny rottens, you’re probably a douche bag. Lol.

  51. Ps
    Seriously, what the fuck is with that kid’s hair???? And the leather vest??

    I disagree. Trying to force your kids to express themselves through alternative appearance is hypocritical and wrong, it’s only going to confuse them suppress their ability to express themselves with their appearance in the future.

    Comments match the picture.

    I claimed edge when after satan and I had a long talk about the pros and cons of lawnmowers.

  53. Is it bad that I find it incredibly ironic when people who are under age are calling themselves “Straight edge”… they’re not even old enough to freaking shave and already they’re swearing to be “straight edge”… they’ll feel really stupid when they look back at it and realise they hadn’t even lived before they made the choice.

  54. This is just as ridiculous and offensive to me as people to force their children into any kind of religion or manner of dress. They clearly feel pressured to mirror their father and while maybe at one point this counter culture sprung forth for the sake of free thought, in this instance it just seems like this is all the children know. I’m speaking more specifically about the manner of dress and general style than the intention to abstain from drugs – which I think is a valuable lesson and one that should be discussed openly. But do any of you really think these boys dress like that because they absolutely want to, or because its all they’ve been exposed to. Something that was originally meant as a form of expression is now an encouraged dress code ?

    What a joke.

  55. So, wait. Let me get this straight. The parents are horrible for exposing their children to their style of dress? These kids are blind sheep for imitating their father?

    I suppose you are right about not forcing children into any manner of dress. I will be sure to never clothe my child from the moment they are out of the womb. I mean, let the kids decide what is good for them, and what isn’t. I mean, gosh, kids certainly know such things.

    While I agree that certain things should be up to kids, you have to realize that kids don’t exactly know between wrong and right. More often than not, I am pretty sure my little brother would love to stroll on to school in nothing but a pair of boxers. However, I’m kinda against him getting picked up by creepers. So unfortunately, I’ve got to be a total dictator at him, and make him wear clothes that he pick out at the store. I’m a total totalitarian, I know.

    I just felt absolutely horrid when I shaved the same brother’s hair into a mohawk that he wanted. It’s terrible. why does my lifestyle have to put so much pressure on him?? Why does he have to look up to me and have to emulate everything I do?? Ugh! I just wish that his little 7 year old mind could allow himself to be free and make his own decisions! Why can’t he be like other kids and imitate celebrities, and sports stars, instead of people who actively take an interest in his life, and are positive role models for him?

    I should really stop being myself and allowing my decisions to influence my siblings who look up to me. Why would I ever want kids to learn to accept people who look/dress differently, or learn that it is ok to express yourself, even if it means body mods, and “alternative styles of dress” by setting a positive example of such things?

  56. the sad part is this is an OLD photograph….one of the kids actually grew up to be dog the bounty hunter.

    ‘say no to ice bra, and say yes to jesus”.

  57. Vests? When were vests ever cool, except the early 90′s? Those poor, ensembly-challenged children. That’s no way to raise your offspring.

  58. #95 – I can’t believe comments like “”… they’ll feel really stupid when they look back at it and realise they hadn’t even lived before they made the choice.” If by living you mean dressing any other way, trying drugs and drinking then this doesn’t constitute living. I am 31, never smoked and very rarely drink alcohol but does this mean I haven’t lived?

  59. Very rarely != never.

    I don’t think anyone is complaining about people who decide that they don’t want to drink or smoke. What gets under my nerves in particular is the subset of people who seem to think that it’s an all or nothing deal, that taking one drink is the same as being an abusive alcoholic, that having sex is the same thing as being dangerously promiscuous. Forbidden, dangerous fruit.

    When things take that form, it’s really no different than the stuff peddled in the DARE program, only it’s got better fashion to go with it. And just like the DARE program, quite often it’s people saying they’ve made a big decision when the reality is that they’re not old enough to legally drink anyway and aren’t the the type to work around the system.

    Plenty of people the world over drink (and even smoke!) in moderation. Moderate social drinking is normative is most human societies. At the same time, plenty of people abstain, and as long as they’re not taking the preachy route, most people are happy to let them do as they wish – order a pop if you want, no one is really CARING. (Mind, I realize that there can be more peer pressure about it right around that transition to 21 – and there, having some solidarity with likeminded others is probably comforting.)

    As for the photo, I think the hair is AWESOME. Are they natural towheads, or they have to bleach it? Sometimes I wish I had that kind of white-blond hair…

  60. Man, this is just how people raise kids, with their own beliefs etc. It’s not like they’re forced to agree with it when they grow up, but the other end of it would be like saying ‘Hey kids, do whatever you feel like, I have no advice for you. Figure it out on your own.’

    I mean really, when’s the last time you’ve seen an independent 7-year-old? Being offended by this is like looking at a baptism or a bat mitzvah [albeit edge isn't religious, but you get what i'm saying] and going ‘Oh, how vulgar! Exposing their children to their own beliefs when they’re so vulnerable!’ or ‘How dare those people put their little girl in PINK! How sexist can you get? And those maryjanes? Those nazi pigs are trying to force their children to be normal just like them!’


  61. Come on people, lighten up!! It’s only a picture– don’t analyse it to death!!

  62. You can’t claim edge really until you know what it is, and are ready to take the oath.
    These kids look like they’re 10 at most.

  63. Why is everyone complaining?
    Kids take chastity vows as young as 12 in churches
    kids choose to dress in certain ways
    if they want to dress like that kudos to the parents for allowing them too

    My parents worked in clubs in the 80′s
    They had mohawks
    my dad wore eyeliner
    and doc martins

    I was allowed to do pretty much what I wanted. I wore neon green with black poka dot dresses
    I had fun
    I started dyeing my hair at 12 I got my first piercing( minus lobes) at 14 with parental consent

    I’m now in college and have a 15$/hour paid internship at a huge magazine company

    I thought this community was supposed to be about acceptance and understand for being different and doing as you see fit?

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