31 thoughts on “From The Fingers Of Babes..

  1. this seems adorable now, but (IMO) it will look pretty damn silly in 15 years
    and i think holly will agree…

  2. It may not make sense or appeal to many others, but this will forever hold so much more sentimental value than any regular tattoo IMHO lol

    I like it.

  3. My artist has a drawing kind of like this one on his leg… only his daughter actually tattooed it on him.

    I just think these kind of tattoos are adorable!

  4. Now this is the type of “silly” tattoo I enjoy seeing. It isn’t really silly at all, but very meaningful. I think you’ll enjoy it for years to come; Though, it would be nice to have some background on the pictures tattooed.

  5. I love these. i have my family’s writing on me sooo I see this as being the next generational step whenever that happens for sure. <3

  6. Ugh. No thanks.
    To each their own but there has to be a better way to memorialize your child…? That just looks awful.

  7. I do love this! I’d consider getting one of my child’s paint-hand prints on my shoulder when I have children!

  8. I think Holly draws really well, already. These tattoos are some of my favorites, love the aesthetic and the meaning.

  9. It wouldn’t look out of place in the correct position. ie stuck to a fridge door with a magnet.

  10. i like it! personally ir would bug the shit outta me that the 5 and the house are overlapping, but thats not to say i dont like it or that its flawed :p

  11. This reminds me of Maddox’s “I am better than your kids” bit on the best page in the universe.
    Personally, to each is own. I know I would have laughed my ass of now if one of my parents had gotten one of my “designs” done as a kid. Then again, I was horrible. I can’t draw worth shit, Holly might have some potentional.

  12. Reason I dont like Kids xD
    But I suppose its a personal choice to have that tattooed on you :/

  13. That’s cute =] I personally think it’s much better than getting a tattoo of your kids face, it’s much more sentimental

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