Fingered by Skullboy

Veronika was kind (and drunk) enough to send in these recent photos of Skullboy (more on ModBlog.. 1, 2).

Rick reads and then gives his verdict on a recent magazine article about himself.

Oh and yes, he does smile in case you were wondering..

Skullboy and Veronika.

You can read Veronika’s interview with Rick here.

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75 thoughts on “Fingered by Skullboy

  1. i would date him… or at least ask if he wanted to go see some really crusty show somewhere…

  2. i like the way in his interview a while back he says about regretting some of the tattoos
    at least he’s honest
    impractical obviously in a sense but still
    no doubt he’s a walking artwork

  3. His interview didn’t make him seem very likable, but maybe that’s because I tend to like smart people.

  4. I remember reading the article, and i know its difficult, but given what ive heard about him, and given the language he was using (what self respecting punk rocker speaks like that) i feel as though a great deal of it is hilarious fucking sarcasm. But who knows…

  5. i’ve never really seen his neck / shoulders before this and i have to say they look awesome

  6. Bradly, quick add more exclamation marks, it’ll help people to understand your point better.

  7. Am I wrong or the ink on his nose is fading?
    I read the interview a long time ago… I like when he says he regrets most of his tatts, he’s honest, white trash and don’t give a fuck!

  8. YAWN>….. Repost..

    When are we getting new content? Seriously, everything keeps getting reposted.

  9. He doesn’t regret his body suit, just the small tattoos that aren’t part of it.

    The BME interview is hilarious fucking sarcasm as Justin mentionned. It’s to be taken lightly, he doesn’t have a huge ego, he doesn’t pretend he’s someone he’s not and he’s not stuck up.

    As for the interview in Bizarre Magazine, it’s, humm, I’ll try to say that politely, well, it’s CRAP. They twisted his words, took things out of context, re-wrote everything. They didn’t even quote his mother properly. Not to mention they screwed him over. It’s bullshit, I wonder why they even interviewed him, they could of just simply wrote that without him and it would of been the same thing. I’m not kidding.

    I like the fact that in the BME interview I did with him I kept his words, without editing, he could of filled it with bullshit, everyone can talk as if they graduated from Harvard, I could of re-wrote everything also, but what’s the point of that? He’s far from being a dumbass, if he would be, I wouldn’t keep talking to him.

    Ohhh, and i wasn’t THAT drunk haha.

  10. Probably too much nose blowing. Just a little touchup.

    I read a different interview with him, he’s not dumb. He was laying it on thick.

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  13. Bradley, does your mom know you are looking at an adult site? Or that you are even on the computer? Also, someone corrected you previously. It is spelled “Loser”. Not “losser”. Please, take note and try to spell correctly. It’ll help you communicate better. Maybe you should tattoo it on your forehead. That way, not only would you have the correct spelling of it, but a walking definition as well!


    It’s spelled “chicks”. Not “chciks”

    On a side note, I bet a lot of the ladies here don’t have low self esteem. I mean, most, if not all, are amazingly beautiful, and have their pictures posted on Modblog, where other beautiful people come and compliment them. I would imagine that it is quite the ego booster. They are bound to get big heads.

  14. cheers, Emaline!

    people need to chill about the “reposts”. its neet to see how some of our favorite modified people are getting getting along.

    and yes, hes a cutie when he smiles!

  15. Dear number #33 figures u of all people would no how to spell losser and besides ur right modblog is very bieassed they dont post fat ugly chciks which is totally racist like fat chcicks dont get mods roha and shannon and u i hate


    Copy that into your browser, Bradley. Save it as a favorite. It will help you to communicate so that we can understand you. You could even go a step further and sign up for their “word of the day” feature, and broaden your vocabulary. It even has a nifty thesaurus feature.

    Or you could just download Mozilla. They have a spell check feature.

    Now, isn’t it a school night? Shouldn’t you be in bed? Where are you from now? It’s bound to be late there. Don’t want to miss your bus because you over slept, now do you? Besides, getting a full nights sleep helps you retain information, so you’ll be able to spell better!

  17. if we’re reduced to pointing out each others’ typos then the terrorists have already won.

  18. Does he have “Es lebe Deutschland” tattooed on his stomach? He’s not German is he?

  19. Skullboy is awesome. I’m always happy to see updates on him.

    Also, it annoys me when someone writes something offensive and others attack that person’s grammer in retaliation. It’s the internet.

    “Oh yeah? Well why don’t you learn how to spell!”

    Good one. Never heard that one before. Boy do I feel burned.

  20. Man I hope I get to see what he looks like as he ages, it should be really interesting. Anyway, this kid seems like a cool dude. And lol at Bradly and everyone freaking out on him. Everyone takes things WAY too seriously on here.

  21. I don’t know what is more funny, Bradly’s original comments, or the fact that people took them seriously and responded.

  22. Bradley.
    Don your helmet and let the special bus whisk you away to somewhere less offensive.

  23. This is total bs this thread has nuthin to do with Bradly I was just pointing out my thoughts and besides me and skullboy are really gOod friends in real life and he laughed at all ur pethetic views and he told me first hand that he thought that u are all lossers !!!! and p.s roohaa i apprciate the invite but i cant come to dinner tonight would it be better for u if u came to my place to eat lets say maybe like next thursaday ??? just call me latter i have so many friends unlike alll of u!!!!!

  24. despite (or maybe even more as a result of?) all the tats on his face that kid is BEAUTIFUL

  25. I like how when he smiles, it breaks the lines and you can see what is there, him, behind the “skull boy.”

    Also I do sympathize if he regrets small things getting in the way. I’ve no real standing to speak I guess, having no tattoos myself, but I’m not such a fan of the “sketchbook” look myself, and I’ve heard in various places people regretting having that “random things sort of just put where there was room” later, when they went for larger pieces.

    So, I think it’s a GOOD answer for “why should I not get (random small spur of the moment tattoo in a prominent place)” to say “well, if you want something nice and large later, it might get in the way…”

    Coming from me, of course, that answer sometimes gets strange looks.

  26. Man. Seriously, are you people really up in arms about me correcting his spelling? I’m a bit of a pendant when it come to such things, but I really can’t stand to see easy words misspelled. Its just shameful that the future is in the hands of the illiterate.

    And Akibare, I think saying such things is an obvious sign that you are thinking hard about your tattoo(if you are planning on getting one), which is hardly a bad idea/crazy. Everybody kept pressuring me into getting a tattoo asap, but I waited until I was sure, and I made absolute sure it wasn’t something I’d regret. Now I have it and its beautiful and awesome. It’s an octopus on my calf. For my next tattoo, I know for sure that I want a squid on my arm. As a friend once put it, keeping with a theme is important. I’m with you on the whole sketchbook thing, but I know there are tons who disagree. To each his own.

  27. Seriously, are you people really up in arms about me correcting his spelling? I’m a bit of a pendant when it come to such things, but I really can’t stand to see easy words misspelled. Its just shameful that the future is in the hands of the illiterate.

    You’ve got two major mistakes there, sister. Take a closer look. And you’re correcting the spelling of an obvious troll who is no doubt delighted to be getting your goat. Give it a rest.

  28. This is too, too easy.

    Emaline: you’re a PEDANT, not a PENDANT. As in “As I corrected the aspiring pedant’s usage, I admired the pendant hanging about her neck.” If you actually are a pedant, you’re clearly not a thorough one…yet.

    Picking at grammar on the Internet: “I’m in ur barrel, shootin ur fish.”

  29. It looks like the tattoo – especially the nose and some of the teeth have faded quite a bit…

  30. #67 quote”At this point, I am in need of people who are interested in taking part of organized photo-shoots; such as sacrificial rituals in cemeteries, torture and bloody disembowelment / dismemberment in slaughter houses, the resurrected dead feasting on corpses… and other such type projects.”

  31. So.. is he famous for making appearances at a certain location in Montreal? I’d love to have a few beers with the guy and hang out, he seems pretty fun. Not to sound gay or anything, he just looks/sounds like a pretty awesome guy. Not very intellectual it seems, but like I said, he seems fun to hang out with.

    So yeah, anyone? I don’t mean that in a stalker way btw, he’d probably kick my ass. But if he guest spots somewhere every few weeks or whatever I’d love to say what’s up or something.

  32. he really needs to take the black around his eyes up to the edge of his eyelids. this is possible, just look at lucky diamond rich. it would make the whole skull look so much better. other than that, good work fella!

  33. right on zombie! your inkworks anything but fugly; dude its fuckin awesome! I’m 32 & I got my face heavily covered with some awesome inkwork 10 years ago; I planned it out realising it will be a complete change in how I live my life, and it has been just that. I made the right decision for myself and the experience has given me satisfaction that I never would have had if I never had it done because I was worried about getting a job or what people will think; fuck ‘em all!

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