Jazz and Swing

This shot is courtesy of INKstar and was taken during day three of the 2008 Wings of Desire SusCon in Oslo..

More to come!

You can read more about the Suscon and Wings of Desire by clicking here.

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10 thoughts on “Jazz and Swing

  1. is it just me or is that a really fucking huge saxophone. i need drug counseling

  2. Wow, is that supposed to be a scene straight out of rocky horror except with suspension involved? If so, I’m in love.

  3. lol, #1, it makes a lower sound. im going to venture a guess and say its a baritone sax.

  4. yeah, that’s a baritone (barri) sax, and not only is it bigger but it’s a damn heavy instrument as well. playing it would have had to make the suspension a lot more painful. but it did made for a tight picture.

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