Vagina Dentata – For Real This Time!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later – IAM: FamousMortimer‘s come down with a full-blown case of Vagina Dentata!

The quality of the photo isn’t very good but I’m assured the teeth are fully functioning..

^Clickthrough to uncensor.

Contracted from Jason Morningstar, Primitive Impressions, Rochester, NY.

81 thoughts on “Vagina Dentata – For Real This Time!

  1. this tattoo would be fucking EPIC if the tattooing didn’t seem so poorly done, but maybe (and i’m hoping) that it’s just the quality of the photo itself.
    but for now it just appears as a child got a sharpie and drew on her vagina.

    however, the idea of the tattoo itself – hilarious.

  2. I’m thinking on the mucous membrane you aren’t going to get a clean line…I can’t really tell if it’s outside that or not.

  3. can we not make comments about her shaving habbits?
    shes beautiful hair or not.
    men need to cut she “standard” bull shit.
    yea, lots of girls shave
    lots of guys like hairlessness,
    alot of girls DONT shave.
    and alot of guys like a “full bush”
    usually because they dont like the thought of doing the deed
    with somthing that looks like it belongs on a 12 year old.

    be a man
    get over it.

    beautiful piercing
    and the tattoo,
    clear or not makes a good funny story

  4. Hair aside this tattoo may be funny to a few people but it’s quite terrible.

    @becca – lawl, belongs on a 12 year old? Like a butterfly hair pin or a Disney t-shirt? Just because a guy likes a shaved girl doesnt mean he is a pedo. What a horrid implication.

    Besides its summer, to hot for a pair of pants full of hair >.<

    Also its not the 1940s
    be an adult
    get over it


    And dont assume gender

  5. @humdrum – I never implied that you are a pedo. I just said that that comments about her unshavenness are not nessisary at all. Most guys dont shave, but you dont see girls complaining about it?

    Be an adult?
    I think the adult thing would be to just appriciate the piercing,
    and the mocking manner of the tattoo, bad quality or not,
    on the internet viral video it is about.

    You’re right, its not the 1940′s
    All the reason more to be open about
    different females and their preference to
    shaven or unshaveness

    be and adult
    get over it

    and gender or not
    male or female
    i dont really care
    that comment,

    This community is about acceptance,
    not rude comments about body hair.

  6. If it’s ok for girls to complain about men’s back hair, it’s ok for men to complain about a girl’s pubic hair. Yar.

  7. What humdrum and Ryan said. And I’m female.

    ‘Most guys dont shave, but you dont see girls complaining about it?’
    No, most guys don’t shave their bits, but most guys trim or shave their beards. If they didn’t, girls would complain about it (because full beards are horrible on all but a few men). Think before you type, and stop writing everything as poetry.

  8. How about we stop talking gender and focus on, well~
    The tattoo?
    I think the scratchy style it was done it looks kind of appropriate.
    As if, an extremely well-drawn pair of jaws would look kind of awkward.
    Besides, I can imagine how hard it’d be to tattoo well in an area like that.

  9. You know, I really would appreciate it if photos like these could be blurred, like they used to be before. Staring directly into a girl’s vag unprepared while looking for some neat tattoos and/or other featured mods does not fall into the ‘yay, let’s do that again!’ category.

  10. I’m a firm believer in if I’m trimming my shit (which I do, because I don’t like the way I look with it) then the girl or guy I’m with should be trimming it too. They don’t need to be bald, but I just prefer the aesthetic of having it trimmed down.

    That being said, I think there is a big difference between complaining about a guy’s back hair and complaining about a chick’s pubes. Comparing pubes to pubes is a fair comparison, though.

    In general, I don’t think the comments about her pubes were so bad, but in the light of what I thought this community is supposed to be about (piercing, tattoos, body mods, accepting others for all of their differences whether self-inflicted or not), the comments seem a little crude. Still, I wasn’t particularly bothered by the comments, they were just inappropriate.

  11. i just noticed the hair from the comments on it.
    thanks a lot, guys. hahaha.

    feel nauseous now.

    and no – not everyone HAS to be bald down there (though i personally prefer that), but trimming doesn’t hurt.

  12. Mattie – This happens every single time a photo of a boy or a girl who have anything more than stubble down below is posted.

    I long for the day when people tire of pointing it out, it’s pretty ridiculous.

  13. Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean …

    And how the Kraken looked like a vagina with teeth.

  14. If you put a hardcore spread pussy shot or a cock shot on modblog could you give us a clickthru? This is a bit much for the other patrons at Starbucks to see over my shoulder.

    Funny tattoo idea but poorly executed and more than a little offputting!

  15. NotAPrude – Apologies. I thought the title of the post would have given it away..

  16. I think microdermals (if that is even possible) is better way to get “vagina teeht”.

  17. Wow arguments like this really make my day.
    I’m SUPER disappointed that she didn’t have like four rows of labial ladders with spikes in em. The she’d have a sharkvag!!

  18. shaved or not, both the tattoo and piercing are poorly done…

    “and stop writing everything as poetry”

  19. @ RooRahh – I agree. People just need to stop -.-

    @ Melf – Yea, exactly. It depends on the person. Hence why people should not make comments on shaven or unshaven. To each, their own. Correct? ; ]

    Ill take that poetry bit as a compliment.
    dont get hostile now!

    Or ill have to start a rhym and go all poet on your azz!

    I like her piercing alot though.

  20. @ RooRahh – I agree. People just need to stop -.-

    @ Melf – Yea, exactly. It depends on the person. Hence why people should not make comments on shaven or unshaven. To each, their own. Correct? ; ]

    Ill take that poetry bit as a compliment.
    dont get hostile now!

    Or ill have to start a rhym and go all poet on your azz!

    I like her piercing alot though.

  21. horrible tattoo.
    people arguing about body hair should just stfu….hey, maybe “humdrum” was female….making generalizations about men is just as much bullshit as the “standard” Becca is rallying against. everyone, grow the fuck up.

  22. General statement to the ‘zomg focus on the tattoo, people’ people:
    I don’t think modblog is necessarily just about the mods. There are so many beautiful guys and girls posted here; it’s obvious that context matters (As does the quality of the photo and that – I mean, to be fair, it’s hardly discernable what’s hair and what isn’t.)
    In sum: a poor quality photo of a bad tattoo with even worse… surroundings taken in dodgy lighting is obviously going to be less appealing than ‘just’ a bad tattoo.

  23. Oh god.
    Poorly done piercing and even worse tattoo.
    On the pubic hair issue,Im a dyke myself and NO WAY am I going down on a forest..
    Hahahaha No thanks.

  24. haha the idee with the four rows of labial ladders with spikes in em is quite funny 😀

  25. Seriously, you’re fine with showing full-on cock here completely uncensored, but you need to blur out vulva pics?

    Bullshit. Censor everyone’s genitals, or don’t censor any at all.

  26. This gives the movie Teeth (which I have to say, is probably one of the funniest movies I have ever seen) a bad name. The tattoo is very poorly done, but I don’t blame her. If I was getting my vagina tattooed, I’d probably move around quite abit.

  27. Horribly done tattoo, I dont get why stuff like this makes modblog.. If it’s badly done. Don’t post it.. A neat idea I guess..
    Pubes are fuckin gross, guy or girl, at least trim it?

  28. Definitely with you Sindy. This is an awful tattoo. It’s so poorly done and just…LOL, ugh, it’s so bad.

  29. I have no problem with the hair if thats what she and her partners like then thats her own free choice. The tattoo itself is not my style but again if thats the look she was going for then ok. The thing that I think makes this picture scary is the weird lighting…

  30. This is really funny and only because just a few minutes before I went to Modblog I found a site from another friend called

    Then I log on here and LMAO!

    I also agree with Roo and Mattie on this one.
    You know I have been with men that love it shaved, and they shaved themselves…
    I’ve also been with men that like a little strip, or a full bush everyone is different.

    I personally prefer a little happy trail on top and shaved all the way back for myself…and for the man to be trimmed up top and shaved all the way back.

    This picture is not gross.. but I personally wouldn’t go down on her either with all that hair…

  31. Haha, i love the idea of it, though i definitely think it could look better. i like #25′s idea, buuut it probably would not end well.

  32. I have to admit this is a horrible tattoo, but once I saw it immediately went to download the movie “teeth”

  33. yo – isnt shaving a body modification? dont people get to make that decision themselves… or is it just implied? hm.

    #24: short finger nails on women? what do you think? 😉 😉

  34. Well, Jason Morningstar, the practitioner isn’t a tattoo artist, at least he wasn’t even close in the years I went to him. He was the person I started going to for piercing over 6 years ago, when I lived in Rochester…. and I wouldn’t go to him for a tattoo…

  35. I always laugh that so many people in a body mod community are repulsed by body hair. It’s like you can split your tongue, get horns implanted in your head, split your dick in half, chop off a finger or two, be covered in as many scars and tattoos as you like, and it’s all great, but body hair, OH NOES!

  36. Even though I have read it a thousand times, I never before understood what Carroll was talking about when he mentioned the “frumious Bandersnatch”. Now I do.

  37. she doesnt even look that bloody hairy ffs. get some lives.
    the tattoos a funny idea though.

  38. “I always laugh that so many people in a body mod community are repulsed by body hair. It’s like you can split your tongue, get horns implanted in your head, split your dick in half, chop off a finger or two, be covered in as many scars and tattoos as you like, and it’s all great, but body hair, OH NOES!”

    well said.

  39. #65 – in total agreement with you – and to add, hair goes back and can be cut, and dyed, not that big of a deal if it’s kept clean. I don’t care if you don’t shave if every thing is kept clean and at least there’s no chaffing with a bit of fuzz either. In fact, it’s been asked of me a few times to grow mine out, I have neve had anyone ask me to shave it off though. The last person I dated even complained about chaffing after I shaved and so we waited a week. Trival issues that are all related to our society and media frenzied outlooks.

    He piercing looks a bit shallow, but it could be a large barbell for a small area of skin that is perfectly sized to her body. The tattoo is hard to see, looks a bit scribbly but I’d have to see a different pic to say more.

    Oh, and I decided to let myself go in shaving for awhile as a curiousity last year. I still am left wondering how long pubic hair can grow, anyone beyond three inches? lol

  40. hahaha this make me giggle..would have been way cooler if it had been in colour and had more discernable teeth. kinda looks like lotsa arrows pointing to her vagina..haha

  41. 19. Rooh, couldn’t agree with you more.

    The one small childish disappointment here was I thought some funny c*nt (pun intended) had stuck dentures or wind-up teeth somewhere for a laugh. But then again that wouldn’ t be specifically a mod. lol

  42. oi has anyone seen the movie teeth, this picture scares and not for her shaving habits, watch the movie and understand

  43. With all the hair talk, does anyone else find it funny that the bmezine tag looks kinda fuzzy? I’m amused.

  44. Weeeelllll, she can grow her hair how she likes, I think the picture needs a little more light. They could be done a little better, but I wouldn’t blame her for only being able to stand a certain amount of vibrating needle on her parts before she wanted to stop…

  45. If she has to shave, so do you. 🙂 I don’t care about how “difficult” it is to shave balls, or however many nicks you get, or even if you happen to somehow separate one from your body. It’ll just be a reminder to LEAVE THE HAIR TOPIC ALONE.
    Should I ever actually hear a hair comment in person, I think I’ll tie up the offender and shave him/her with a good ol’ fashioned straight razor. Those things can be wicked.

    On to the tattoo…I think it would be funny to see a (well-done) set of yellowed “hick teeth” tattooed in the same fashion, with little black cavities, gaps, and even missing ones. However, I will not be the one to sacrifice my vagina’s tattoo hymen for such a cause.

  46. I shave every 5 or 6 days. I’m a guy, I use a wet razor and some body lotion (you generally don’t want to be using normal shaving gel on your bits if you have sensitive skin) and it’s so easy it’s laughable. It’s also very pleasurable to do, I’m usually rock hard in a couple of swipes. I don’t remove it all mostly because I get a rash in a few hours on my pubis that’s not worth living with, but I also have clippers to take it down to grade 1. But hairy balls, in this day and age, are a complete no-no in my book.

    As for women, I like bald – it looks and feels amazing to play with as a guy (they say the first mouthful is always taken with the eyes) and every woman I’ve ever been with who’s waxed or shaved has continued to do it ever since and all agreed it felt much more slick and slippery, and said it increased sensitivity massively.
    I have a really, really bad gag reflex if I get hair in my mouth, and trust me, about the most unsexy sight in the entire world is having a guy retching violently between your thighs. You spare me, I’ll spare you. Plus, everyone wins. Also, wearing tight jeans will make you go cross-eyed all day.

    Back to the subject at hand: I like the idea (I’m a guy who finds vagina dentata almost a turn on, and have never understood why it’d be feared – I don’t know many men who dislike blowjobs and there’s much greater risk of being bitten in a girl’s mouth), but I’m afraid the execution of this is pretty poor. I really liked someone’s idea of using subdermals, but I’d have to wonder how practical (or downright awkward) they’d feel.

  47. The tattoo seems to be of very poor quality, but the overall idea is pretty cool and all I have to say is “Right on” to the girl is brave enough to do so. I love my tattoos, but there are just some places I wouldn’t want ink. My vag is one of those places.

    I shave bare in the spring,summer and fall and not in the winter.

    I don’t have a problem with pubic hair, but I think it is only right that you treat your pleasure parts the same way you do you apartment (i.e you clean up because you have guest over).

  48. something about complaining over unshaved pubes on a crotch with teeth seems to be missing the point.

    i think it’s like “fuck you” on the knucks, but with more style.

  49. Uhmm… Roo? Jason isn’t a tattoo artist, he’s a piercer. I know this because he’s giving me a triangle piercing tomorrow.
    I can say with 100% certainty that he’s responsible for her vertical clit piercing, not those wonky teeth.

  50. So. I was both amused and disturbed by much of the content I read in this thread. I guess that serves me right for trying to google my vagina tattoo several years after the fact.

    I’d like to address a few topics:
    -Jason is not a tattoo artist by trade. He specializes in piercings and scarifications. I do not currently know a tattoo artist that would agree to tattooing this region, and for fair reasons. I had known and worked closely with Jason for about 6 years before getting this piece. We were definitely going for a more primitive design and I most definitely squirmed around during my 3 sessions for this piece. It was truly an incredible and trying experience.
    -Having this piece, both the process and the actual chosen design, was empowering. I love the idea that women have a strength that comes from being so open, physically. There is a strength in vulnerability. This was the main impetus behind my wanting this tattoo. There was also a really strong urge to have the best punchline ever to a very special date.
    -Because hair has become such an important topic in this feed, I’ll fucking address it. Yes. I’ll address my fucking bush on a body modification forum. I love my bush. I take pride in my bush. In fact, the idea of shaving my bush brings to mind the story of Samson and Delilah. I don’t give a shit what you do with your genitalia shrubbery. I honestly have no preference. But on me, I love the fuck out of my bush and I’m not interested in a partner who is allergic to full out bush. In fact, I love my bush so much, I run conditioner through it.
    In summary, it was eye opening reading this, but for those of you bogged down by the periphery? Eat me.

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