35 thoughts on “Sweet Scars

  1. i’m just gonna say one thing; and that thing is gonna be a big fat fucking WOW haha looks awesome, yeah burnt tree-ish.

  2. wow that looks so cool .
    shame it’s not gonna look so good when it heals im guessing the gaps between the honeycomb will fill out..

  3. WOW I would love to see scales done like this!!!

    My star healed pretty nice over my black tattoo. I bet this is going to look awesome when it’s healed

  4. there s no ik involved, actually, its ink removed. And the brand was just finished when i took the pictures. Will post soon pictures of the healed work.

  5. Actually, once it’s healed it should look really nice. Depending on which portions of the skin stretch more than the others, the honeycomb will end up having an organic, bumpy feel to it.
    My husband got honeycomb scarring down his arm, chest, and shoulder around his hornet tattoos. It takes a long time for them to heal to the point they stop hurting (up to a year), but he had his work done almost two years ago.

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