18 thoughts on “Lucky Number Eleven

  1. I’m all for new things.. Heck, I’m all for mods in general.. but this just seems a bit pointless to me : /

  2. This picture scares me a little, and that’s saying something considering what all I’ve seen :[

  3. O.o the only thing i find disturbing is how’d he keep his mouth open to do it? lmao a clamp? it seems prettttty far in there

  4. I don’t understand how this could be terrifying.
    mad props for pulling it off on his own, and decently too.

  5. He looks almost exactly like my buddy Franco . . . and the tat is nice for something done on one’s self!

  6. Wow talk about the eyes of a mad man XD

    But still that’s something to remember ^_^

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