Perfect Placement?

Well, where else would you expect to find an Ol’ Dirty Bastard?!

AllenEdge and his dirty ol’ pit.

By Crystal Hays, Waves Tattoo, Panama City Beach, FL.

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29 thoughts on “Perfect Placement?

  1. orange orange – i dont think so, as long as the tattooist is not going to far into the layers of skin.

  2. hey thats me… look at that haha.

    i dont really see it having an affect on sweat glands at all. but its an awesome place to get tattooed. its not too sensitive or anything. its just not something you want to be tattooing for more than 1 – 1 1/2 hours. its not pleasant after then because the glands tend to swell and get pretty raw to where the wiping sucks but not the actually tattooing.

    i think its a place more people need to utilize. im getting my other armpit done this week, and hopefully TUPAC will make modblog too.

  3. I remember after ‘ol dirty bastard died, I gave my best friend so much shit because he was really depressed about it. I’d like to see how this tattoo holds up.

  4. what happened to actually posting art on mod blog instead of joke tattoos and half naked girls and guys?

  5. what happened to the time when people didn’t bitch at every post made on mod blog?

    No ones forcing you to come here.

  6. Why the hell would you want a tattoo on your armpit? Especially if you’re a guy and will, presumably, not shave regularly? No one will ever see it, including the owner. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  7. Not every tattoo is for people to see. Some times its just for the experience. Bitching about placement seems silly to me. Though I did just laugh about a girl with a tribal tattoo on her lower stomach. It looked like antlers for her crotch, much like tribals on lower backs look like ass antlers.

    As for this being featured, I’d rather see this, which is a post obviously about a tattoo, than one of a hot girl. Its a pretty nice tattoo at that. I don’t typically like portrait tattoo.

  8. also might i add that the armpit isnt a completely flat area, so it looks a little distorted. the picture really doesnt do it any justice.

    as for the comment about not shaving… i do shave my armpits, as well as my arms to show my tattoos better. having art on you body and having tons of hair or even just a little hair ruins the piece. and actually people do see it. no one ever believes i have a dead rapper in my armpit. and it cheers me up to see that goofy looking BASTARD.

  9. Forrest ~ did you ever read modblog before? it’s always been silly tattoos, hot chicks, and genitals with the occasional jaw droppingly awesome piece. it’s no different now except it gets updated a hell of a lot more frequently.

  10. Severed- please tell me how many draw droppingly awesome things have you seen lately on here? Once upon a time you had to worry about opening things on modblog at work or in front of others or you got to wake up to crazy piercings and NEW things. I could walk down the streets in kansas city and see far more interesting mods than the things that have been posted here lately.

  11. Oh and I’m not saying that roo is doing bad job. I also realize that it has some what to do with what people are submitting. But personally I’d much rather have posts of better quality that had new and interesting mods. Even if it meant less posts were being put up daily.

  12. Hear hear !

    I think a lot of men shave their armpits now. I know i do and i’d never go back.

  13. h ~ i admit i preferred modblog from previous years, but i do take into account that roo can only work with what he gets and cut slack. basically my problem is people keep bitching about the dumbest stuff.
    for example:
    “waah waah waah there are too many/not enough ___________* on modblog”

    * naked chicks
    stupid tattoos
    specific person
    awesome tattoos
    bad tattoos
    guess the parts

    if you can’t say something worthwhile, say it quietly and to yourself, okay?

  14. Severed- that is why I posted the second comment saying I know it has some what to do with what people are submitting. I really don’t think roo is doing a bad job given what he has to work with. I’ve bitched about a few things that have been posted but its mostly just my longing for the way things used to be. I enjoyed seeing all of the crazy shit that people got. The stuff that blew my mind. And actually getting to see peoples mods instead of “fashion” shots where you can see tattoos but can’t tell what they are. I think a lot of others feel the same considering the lack of comments around here. It seems like the only posts bringing in 70+ comments are the ones that have people arguing about animal rights, body hair, spelling errors, or people just arguing for the hell of it. Its just getting kinda old.

  15. That’s got ugly way beaten! A rapper that OD’ed. How novel. But hey, each to his own I always say.

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