Bulletproof, I Wish I Was..

I’m not entirely sure what the owner of this tattoo meant by the following, but they added..

I could get shot for this! I’m thinking of covering it over with a black bar.

By Cober Tattoo, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

70 thoughts on “Bulletproof, I Wish I Was..

  1. I am sorry but it looks like shit.
    Its like the tattoo artist was already tattooig the first couple letters and then he remembered
    that he needs more room for the last letters so he just squeezes them in.

  2. I think the owners comment meant “I could get shot for this tattoo because someone might want to prove me wrong”… or something like that.

  3. This reminds me of that scene in Terminator 2 when Sarah Connor is digging the bullets out of the Terminator’s back. ^_^

  4. hmmm….he put this tat because he liked it…u dont have to be so cruel…pieces of a shit….
    i dont know what do u have against and really i dont car…the tattoo is great…and the letters are not squized,cant u see he took the picture by him self and it must look like that then….OMG….

  5. What he ment was if people see the bulletproof thing they want to test it out with actually shooting on him.

    Don’t like it though

  6. Big jazz- I also thought he had a ton of nipples. But on my sidekick it looks like tons of nipples with hair around each one. I also in my opinion it looks like he didn’t take his previous tattoo into consideration when getting this done. Because really…they don’t look good together at all.

  7. Looks awful. Repeating letters with “distressed” fonts = not necessarily a good idea.

  8. Hate to do this, but then again if you send it to modblog you put up your tattoo or mod for redicule…
    The first script colorbone is super weak. The small swirls on it have no flow and the words look like the stencils were tossed on in any old way and tattooed there.

    The bulletproof tattoo definitely contradicts it in a visual sense not to mention it gets redundant…having a bunch perseverence themed words and phrases right next to each other.

    I’d suggest for the next session to either be a laser, a solid black chest, or the word “perseverence” in another font right below it.

  9. agree with dangereric, the two styles of text right next to each other look pretty horrible…
    and the bullet holes look like weird pimples or something :/

  10. his chin looks incredibly strange 0_0

    i think the tattoo is kind of funny. XD whats with all the hate, people?

  11. I think everyone who tears apart the tattoos posted on modblog should post pictures of theirs for all to critique. Jesus fucking christ, who made you the tattoo police? I say like it or lump it. Why do people have to act like the kids from Lord of the Flies?

  12. agreed. its not as if this is constructive criticism most of the time. also thanks to #21 i can’t stop looking at his chin.

  13. personally don’t like it – but hey it’s not my skin – as long as he’s happy who cares?

    and now I can’t stop looking at his chin!! thanks number 21!

  14. I dont see anything wrong with his chin…
    i like it, the concept,
    but i think it looks a bit crooked?

    but i do like it alot
    i dont like how it goes with the other lettering above

    i like the bullet holes though

  15. so if he says he’s gonna cover it with a black bar what is he going to do with the bullet holes? turn them into pretty little flowers?

  16. @#11, you have really bad grammar. i don’t understand why it is so bad. please do better because this is really upsetting to me and lots of other people. maybe you can start with the ellipses. please don’t use so god damn many ellipses.

  17. I think that it would make a lot more sense if the back story was “I got shot 5 times and lived.” (though given the placement of those bullet hole tattoos that would be unlikely). As a tough guy tattoo though it is kind of silly.

  18. #32: Well put. That was hilarious.

    The tattoo itself: Tough guy tattoos are silly as it is, but on a little scrawny guy it’s even more ridiculous. Better luck next time, Broseph.

  19. I think Bulletproof is actually the name of the font that it’s written in. It does look a little out of place but it’s not like he can take it back. At least it’s his chest not mine.

  20. wasn’t bulletproof the name of the 50 cent video game? that’s what it made me think of…. sorry but pretty lame

  21. Both of those tattoos together is not a good look.
    If he had put Bulletproof on the back it wouldn’t have looked quite as bad, (plus the bulletholes woulda looked less…nippleish.)
    But, that’s why you think tattoos through before you get them, that way you don’t have to get blackwork over it.

  22. hes a tosser ¬_¬
    it was a badly thought out idea, badly executed, the holes (as already established :D) look nipple-like and the fact he has ‘bullet holes’ next to the phrase bulletproof amuses me.

  23. im not a fan of that tattoo either but i will defend this, i think the “bullet holes” are actually supposed to be places where bullets hit and indented his skin and fell out rather than going through

    either way its not that sweet

  24. I like the lettering, but as the submitter himself pointed out, it wasn’t a very well-thought-through idea.

    I read somewhere that kids used to go up to George Reeves and punch him in the stomach because they thought he really was Superman, and he’d have to grin and bear it because he didn’t want to disappoint the little kids.

  25. I thought he actually got shot, covered up the bullet hole scars and added “bulletproof” as a sort of F you to whoever shot him. If he’s just *playing* big bad gangsta, that’s dumb.

  26. i know my grammar sucks but hey,im trying…..and also i was so mad when i read comments saying it sucks so it couldnt look better…

  27. Kind of hypocritcal…. he’s bulletproof but has bullet wounds? This just seems dumb plus there’s no flow to it.

    It’s a cool idea and everything I guess but personally I don’t like it.

  28. I think he should throw a ton of random tattoos all over his chest. What he’s already got would look great if it looked like a part of some sort of crazy collage. Just need a good centre piece a bit further down or something like that.

  29. I don’t get this website’s administrator. Any comments I leave criticizing people who’ve cut off a finger/toe/entire foot…….well, my comments have been removed because they don’t fit with the new age/perv/freudian/do what ever the fuck you want approach to life. If I believe genital mutilation, or “modification” looks poor, my comment is removed.

    Yet, most all of the comments on this guy’s tattoo are extremely critical? Where is the consistency? I thought this community is all love. What gives?

  30. …Not a big fan. I’ve got a lot of friends that have been shot and lived. One was shot in the face and was in icu for 6 months. Lived through it, with absolutely NO problems…So this tattoo is just a joke. Honestly as a tattooer I probably wouldn’t have done it. It would suck if some one just blasted him for having it!

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