34 thoughts on “Droolcup

  1. LOL! I have that mug! I stole it from the diner (and a sugar shaker) because the coffee was putrid and the cherry pie awful! It was soooo busy in there! I LOVE you tattoo, and my mug too!

  2. this makes me smile. I am getting a tattoo somewhat similar, but completely different subject matter. Similar in that it’ll be equally as humourous and off-the-wall.

    which is why I’m assuming the wearer got it: cose ORIGINAL joke tattoos are the shit. (yeah, I’m talking to all you people with the played-out-as-hell finger tattoos haha).

  3. ohhhh…. I love it now that I read the comments. I totally did not get the show reference at first.
    I approve.

  4. I only I know of twin peaks from watching vh1 and the “I love the…” series. This is great.

  5. A totally worthwhile reference to have inked on you, Mr Cooper has to be the coolest agency man ever. In one of the best TV shows ever too.. Also, I like the “and hot!” nudged in on the right there!

  6. Hurray-this tattoo is mad cool. Twin Peaks, in my opinion, was the best tv program ever, and Special Agent Dale Cooper, loved him so much we named our dog after him. I would be happy looking at this tattoo forever.

  7. as soon as i saw the top of it before scrolling down i knew it was ashley love. damn i need to go to see her so she can finish my work. i miss her 🙁

  8. Lydia – I think it is? She works at Golden Spiral anyway, maybe her IAM name isn’t the same as her given name?

  9. The amount of people who don’t get the reference is beginning to make me feel like a dinosaur(albeit a particularly young dinosaur).

    I think it’s killer.

  10. RooRaaah, according to her iam page it says:

    contrary to popular belief, I am not ashley love. we are friends, both work at the same shop, and have the same name, but I don’t do tattoos and we are not the same person.

  11. that SENIOR droolcup to you, boyo!

    while im not a fun of the “neo-traditional” style, i think this tat is great!
    yet another TP tat idea taken!

    btw, are you TP fans aware that David Lynch is doing a film with Werner Herzog?!?
    is that not sheer awesomeness?

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