24 thoughts on “Kaley the Explorer

  1. Haha she’s adorable! And his jewelry serves two purposes! The alternative being a bracelet for his daughter! 😀

  2. This makes me think of my little cousin, she loves my ears and is always asking me to stretch them bigger!

  3. i thought it was a bracelet at first
    then i was like
    whats so great bout this photo
    and then i saw his streched labret
    and then i was like “ehhh?”
    then i saw
    after more… looking…

  4. #7: I used to work in a kindergarten for a while and -surprisingly enough- they told me that I can have my piercings if I wanted to and just warned that the kids might be a bit too cuorious and “hands on” about them. Well, I decided I’d keep them. So at the time I had a bridge, medusa, labret and 12mm lobes. And two tongue webs but they wouldn’t see them, of course. One day one of the kids came to me and said: When I’m a woman I want to have earrings here, here and here (pointing at her bridge, upper and lower lips)… and here (pointing at her nostril). I love it how she came up with the nostril herself, so she didn’t want to copy me exactly 😀
    And I was also surprised that none of the kids commented on my locks or my lobes.

    Also: my first thoughts seeing this pic: EWWWWWW but then I noticed that thank Satan the daddy has his tunnels in 😀

  5. thank you so much all of you yall are the greatest bme rawks and its because of great people like all of you thanks again

  6. So Cute! My kids used to play with mine in order to fall asleep… : ) Memoriiiiies.

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